2244 – Epic Trail with a View!

Hares: Liquor Lots, OPP, Hardly & Snevil
Where: Elite Brewing and Cidery, Calgary, AB
RA: Tardy Dastardly
Attendance: 16 (+ a throuple of bashers)

We were promised an EPIC trail with a view by the dynamic Liquor Lots, OPP and their respective pups. They claimed it was going to be the trail of the year, the trail to end all trails.

Wellllll, it sure was a trail like no other. In fact, it was no trail at all! On account of their lack of foresight, their 100% chalked trail got completely washed away by today’s torrential downpour. So here they were, at 7pm, with their trails between their legs asking for volunteers to live hare the thing!

Our two hash heroes Snevil and Hardly stepped up to the plate and set just what we were promised: an epic trail with a view. You can tell an experienced hasher by the quality of their live improvised trails.

Late cummer Dastardly was punished and made to RA.
Bashers were punished and made to entertain us with their mouths. There was much rejoicing.

On on!