2247 – Yummy Kippers Erections

Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Elite Brewing and Cidery, Calgary, AB
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 25

Everybody loves erections night! Everybody loves Yummy Kippers! In a confluence of all things good, the Hash Gods joined them both in one spectacular night of new mismanagement and goldfish crackers.

Every year, around the 10th of Tishrei, Twisted Sister and Hardly offer us a “Yummy Kippers” Holy Day Run. The celebration includes:
· wearing old non-leather shoes (i.e. runners)
· pilgrimage through the streets of Calgary
· eating (goldfish crackers) and drinking (beer).

Concurrently, new mismanagement was sworn in. Your new mismanagement is:

Hashmaster(s) – Hump the Shark & Liquor Lots
Jointmaster – ]Booty Camp
Sexitary – King Shit
Under The Influencer – Nev-R-bin …
RA Coordinator – On-In
Haberdasher – Daisy Duke
Awardinator – Daisy Duke
Beer Meister – Dastardly
Beer Wench – Just10Beaver & SnowBlower
Hash Cash – Slippy Thong, Hot Cheeks, Mmm… Ladyfingers, Strap-on
Übergeek – Nev-R-Bin
Üntergeek – Skewbic Hair & Snevil, Sucks Everything, AP, Hardly
Hash Horn – Daisy Duke
Scribe – Princess Monkey Spanker

the OG fishy trail shirt (2010)

On On!