2250 – Itty Bitty Titties

Hares: Slippy Thong & PMS
Where: Fish Creek – Votier’s Flats, Calgary, AB
On In: Local 403, Calgary, AB
RA: Hardly
Attendance: 18

This trail is the event that everyone has been waiting for. Last year, the Itty Bitty Titty Committee went bust, in view of the fact that (t)its membership was 33-66% lower. With PMS gone and Snevil in the UK for long stretches of time, Slippy didn’t have the motivation to set an IBT run by herself. Don’t knock’er though, that would be udderly unfair.

In mammary of good times past, we chose to rack our brains and found the pairfect location for this latest installment of the Itty Bitty Titty Run: Votier’s Flats. This probably was our breast effort to date!

Accurate representation of Monday’s elevation gain. Funnily, all IBT Runs have the same elevation gain…

At circle, the pack was fed delicious Fried Egg Gummy candies and enjoyed our cans at the end of the run. Down downs were held outside on the parking lot and after that, hashers went to Local 403 for extra jugs. Luckily, Skewbic Hair didn’t overdo it. Or diddy?

Tatas for now!