2254 – Grey Cup Run

Hares: Dastardly and Hardly
Where: Joyce on 4th, Calgary, AB
RA: On-In

This was another exceptional(ly slippery) trail by the hash’s most experienced hares. The pack was advised to bring their strap-ons (crampons) but some chose to do things their own way: Skewb needs no strap-ons when he’s got his equipment (little pricks) on his person (which he screwed on himself) and Snow Blower chose to freestyle it on his summer runners. Apart from one near-miss, he managed to stay vertical all trail long.

Because they didn’t have the entertainment of slipping on ice, walkers regaled themselves with tales of public wankers.

Down Down were held at regroup and Daisy and Blue Balls lead the choir (but did they though?).

All in all, it was a successful afternoon and as Slippy commented, it was nice to be able to see marks again!