2255 – Pyro’s Death March

Hares: Pyro
Where: 2202 Crowfoot Parade Parking , Calgary, AB
RA: Skoob
Attendance: 20

The run title may be a wee bit dramatic (a King Shit creation?). A few years ago, the mere mention of Pyro haring would have the more recalcitrant runners stay home for the night. But Pyro has gone soft in his old age, and tends to no longer set the ballbusters of yore. (I am pre-scribing here, so this may come back to bite me in the arse. Time will tell.)

Actually, it’s time for me to get ready. I’ll be back after trail…

[insert on-hold Muzak here]

Well, it’s been confirmed that Pyro likes his trails non-Abu Dhabi and 360º checks. Trail wasn’t particularly long but we’ll cut him some slack as it was his birthday, so he probably had better things to do.

We had two milestones today: Abandoned Pussy is 400 trails old and On-In ran his 800th tonight. AP refused her half yard down down on account of being “responsible” and not wanting to “DUI” but On-In gladly attempted the challenge of downing his half yard in… over 5 minutes. To be fair, the beer was very cold and even a regular down down was hard to swallow (that’s what she said).

Mucky pulled a Dastardly and ran her own trail (after she lost the rest of the pack).

Hardly and Twisty brought some snacks, and there’s nothing better tasting that free snacks. Thanks!

On On!