2256 – Winter is Evil

Hares: Suck No Evil
Where: Marda Loop Community Association, Calgary, AB
On-In: Royal Exchange Bankview, Calgary, AB
RA: Snevil, the one woman Hash
Attendance: 26

The Chinook we experienced in the last few week is now over and temperatures are back to well below zero. This makes for particularly slippery sidewalks, rendered even more treacherous by the light dusting of snow that is covering the icy patches.

It’s a good thing that hashers either a) are always prepared or b) have a very high risk tolerance (Safety Third!)

Sneevz (‘O ye, of little faith’) was expecting a pack of 8 hashers (or an “8-pack”), but surprisingly, the turnout was remarkably high for such a cold evening. (There typically is a direct correlation between the weekly attendance and that Monday’s nightly temperature).

Still, even though she was setting trail for what she thought was going to be a small group of us, she still – thoughtfully – gave us a choice between an eagle and a turkey trail (which she soberly called a “shortcut”). The vast majority opted for the longcut, proving that we are definitely an athletic bunch. Except for Skewbic Hare, who shortcut with the intention of getting to the beer first (he did not succeed).

Never one to let anything go to waste, Snevil even recycled old marks and parts of the trail from the Grey Cup Run.

Snevil organised the regroup in her own parkade. Being queen of her domain, it was only fitting she also RA’ed down downs.

On On!