2258 – Deep South Run

Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Blackbird Public Urban Bar, Calgary, AB
Directions: Drive South until you hit Granum, then turn around and drive about about an hour North.
Attendance: 12
RA: On In

Our Hash Mattress asked, nay, *demanded* that the hare set a lengthier trail (for racist reasons). Being the good and amenable little hasher that she is, AP was more than happy to comply. And we aaaallllll paid the price with an 8k dash.

On top of that, the deep south wasn’t the tropical paradise it promised to be and we were blessed with frigid wind gusts.

Back at the regroup, the RA did down downs outside. AP received her 400th run trophy. This trophy gets passed to hashers when they run their 400th trail. They hold on to it until a next hasher gets to 400 runs. This can take years, which means you get to hang on to this most decorative trophy for a delightfully long time.

On On!