2260 – Boxing Day Boxer Shorts

Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Brickwell Tap House, Calgary, AB
What: Don’t forget to wear your favourite Boxer Shorts.
RA: On In
Attendance: 19

Temperatures were breaking zero degrees and it was a 2pm affair which means that trail was run in broad daylight! Nice change of pace from the few weeks prior.

The hares warned that it could be a ballbuster run or the second shortest trail of the year. Which was it??

My intelligence (let’s temper this statement: my “intelligence” was King Shit) tells me that it was somewhere in between the two. I quote: ” a good distance, as the weather was warm, but not a ballbuster”. So… average length.

For her own birthday, Slippy Thong, treated the gang to a strip tease of sorts by “slipping” her headband off in a most seductive fashion, “like underwear” (?!).

Snow Blower celebrated his 200th run (jeeeee, get a LIFE!).

On On!