2265 – Hump the Rabbie Burns

Hares: Hump the Shark (and Dastardly)
Where: Stonewall Pub, Calgary AB
What: Wear your best Scottish getup
RA: On In
Attendance: 19

In honor of Scotland’s most famous bard, the hash organizes a special trail on (or close to) his birthday on a yearly basis. This year, Hump the Shark (the least Scottish hasher?) volunteered for the job. On-In (the Scottishest hasher) was RA and beguiled us with his own rendition(s) of Rabbie Burns poetry. Even after seeing the printed words, I’m not sure it is any more comprehensible.

Trail was true to Hump’s style: on the longer side at around 8.5km. Feel the Burns! Over achiever “Insane Bolt” is rumoured to have run even more than the hare covered as he set it, with check backs and all (11.5km).

Only a handful of hashers dressed the part, with kilt-clad Hardly being the most Scottish-looking (despite his strong Teutonic roots). Some (including myself, in the name of the “auld alliance“) wore some tartan accessories.

Oan oan!