2266 – Polar Vortex Run with Sex Appeal

Hares: Roaring Nancy and Dastardly
Where: Pizza Bob’s, Calgary, AB
RA: On-In.
Attendance: 16

For those who missed yesterday’s run, please note that this pair of hares will *never set trail together again* (best shouted in RoaaRrring Naaancy’s inimitable voice). We’re not sure what caused the discord as trail was quite wonderful: a mix of street and trail running interspersed with idyllic forest-like segments (see for yourself):

One complaint: the name of the run over-promised and under-delivered on the sex (and the polar vortex). Temperatures (see above) were almost mild in fact. It was even mild enough for people to disrobe, which may have upped the sex appeal, but alas, no one did.

Hares gave us many PG’s to play at and the Universe gave Insane Bolt and Hump the Shark an extra toy, which they both rode long and hard.

We ran near the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and had a thought for our fellow Hasher Lay’em In Snow who – we hear – is not doing too well these days. Let’s send him some love. We miss you, buddy. ❤️

On On!