2272 – Resident Beaver Busts a Move

Hares: Just-10 Beaver with “guidance” from Dastardly
Where: The Weaselhead Bar and Grill Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 22

Dastardly always enjoys de”flour”ing nubile young harrierettes and show them the ins and outs of setting trail. In this sense, he’s taken on Pyro’s old job.

The hares

Dastardly is a master baiter: he knows exactly how to turn the pack around and take us most unpredictable routes. Hopefully he let Just-10 have a say and she came out of this experience with added expertise.

The hares took us through many playgrounds:

Hash Test Dummy finally resurfaced from down under and kindly brought a little gift back for ball-breaker AP.

A brand new ball for AP, who is said to have no balls left.

On On!