2273 – Daisy’s Special Opening

Hares: Miss(ing) Daisy Duke, Skewbic Hare and – who else? – Dastardly
Where: Stonyslope Brewing, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 28

Technically, Daisy Duke wasn’t missing but as hare, he clearly dropped the ball(s) as he was unavailable to set his own trail!

Trail ended up being the brainchild of – who else? – Dastardly (get a life!), and was aptly executed by Skewbie. They took us through many ice covered back alleys where crampons were a must.

Unfortunately our Texan visitor McPisser was woefully ill-equipped and – in an attempt to stay alive – ended up with the walkers.

The On In was a wonderful new brewery in Haysboro. Five Stars!

On On!

On an unrelated note, PMS went to Toronto for the TWAT. PMS had a good time with the TWAT. The TWAT was warm and hospitable. Go check out Toronto’s TWAT if you get the chance.