2274 – The Clap is Back

Hare: Slow Clap
Where: Swigs Pub & Grill, Calgary, AB
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 23

We thought she was gon(orrhoea), but she’s baaack! The Clap is BACK! And on International Viagra Day, no less. Trust Skewb or King Shit to know this anniversary date (the day the FDA approved the use of the little blue pill as an oral medication for erectile dysfunction).

Restoring blood flow down south since March 27, 1998

Incidentally, March 27th also happens to be:

another one of King Shit’s favourite things!

? Crop tops on ladies and whisky from Britain ?
? Blue little pills and scribblings well-written ?
? Blue cheese dressing on suicide wings ?
? These are a few of Poo’s favourite things ?

For International Viagra Day however, whoever posted the run on the website suggested we all dress in blue to “celebrate” this momentous day. ?

Three of our own (Daisy, Hardly, Jump the Shark) were caught on camera playing with themselves in a playground area. The shame.

On On!