2276 – The B·E·S·T trail *ever*

(unbiased, fact-based scribblings)

Hares: PMS and Bah Bah Beer
Where: Edworthy Park South Parking Lot
RA: On In
Attendance: 22

The hares this week undeniably gave us the mother of all trail, the trail of the century, the greatest trail in history! Objectively. The hares included PMS and her delightful offspring Bah Bah Beer, who is undeniably the best, cutest, most special kid ever.

Trail consisted of a mix of trail running and pavement pounding to satisfy all types and it was neither too short nor to long. Some might say it was just right.

The shiggy was a delightful and surprising mix of slush puddles, snow, mud and ice to keep hashers on their toes – or not – as proved by Hot Cheeks:

A couple of hashers felt the need to complain about the danger and adversity they faced whilst on trail. They complained more than the co-hare, who is – in fact – a nine year old child.

Luckily, the pack was blessed with some of the best weather in recent hash memory so that was a bonus.

Today saw the return of newbie Brae (let’s hope we can make her cum again) and the visit of archives: “expats” Pull My Woodie and Sticky Lips, and busy bee Lof-T Prancer.

Skewbic Hair celebrated his 1050th run, while Hot Cheeks celebrated her 469th. Get a life, you two.

On On!