2277 – End of an Era

Hare: Roaring Nancy
Where: Sandy Beach Park, Calgary, AB T2T 2V8
RA: On In
Attendance: 24

Roaring Nancy titillated our curiosity with this Run name. “What Era? Tell us what’s going on” quoth we last week. He remained tight lipped until the event itself.

It turns out that he is officially exiting the work force at the tender age of 65 (’twas his birthday, too!). Geriatric Roaring Nancy is therefore now in “assisted haring” territory, incapable of covering the distance all by himself. Young Dastardly (our perma-hare) offered his assistance and they both came up with a complicated (and oh-so-funny) new set of marks for this “new age” trail.

  • On-on: R for Retirement
  • Check: Circle with “I” inside – Investing / Investigating
  • Check back: Circle with X and NR inside – Non-Registered / Non-receipt of further marks
  • Playground: CPP – Canada Pension Plan / Children’s Play Place
  • Viewpoint: OAP – Old Age Pensioner / Outdoor Aesthetic Place (This UK term may change before you get there to something more Canadian – OAS – Old Age Security / Outdoor Aesthetic Scene)
  • Turkey Trail – ER – Early Retirement from an unplanned bushwhacking section now part of the official trail only a true hasher will appreciate.
  • Regroup: RRSP or Refreshment Regroup Special Place

Most hashers *did* appreciate the bushwhacking although it is said that many harrierettes ended up with unwanted pricks in various body parts.

Sandy Beach is close to Roaring Nancy’s old house so he unsurprisingly had us run past it.

We also ran though 4 or 5 playground, where everyone played with themselves:

But some of the structures got the best of crossfitter Hot Quickie:

All in all, it was a successful trail.
Happy Birthday FUCK YOU, Roaring Nancy!

On On!