Rocky Mountain Hash 120 – Tutus in the Mountains

Hare: Hump the Shark
Where: Sandy McNabb Trailhead, Kananaskis, AB T0L 1K0
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 17

For the first time in a reaaaally long time (2017?), a Rocky Mountain trail was set. Hump the Shark chose what turned out to be a beautiful April day to do so. In addition, it was April 22nd – i.e. 2-2, and this constitutes an excuse to wear a tutu, which hashers go out of their way to do.

We had a small contingent of die hard hashers, a new boot and a representative of the next generation.

Trail was HORSESHIT, nay (neigh)… BULLSHIT. It was truly shitty, like… literally. There were all kinds of animal droppings along trail (deer, horse, cow… bear probably). Hump gave us lots of other shiggy too: snow, mud, and shrubbery. And views! So many epic views!

After the run, orange food group and hamburgers made their appearance, as well as libations. Despite the scribe’s excellent recommendation to go for Coors Light (the official beer of the Rocky Mountains – best served Rocky Mountain ), the hares opted for the more conservative President’s choice Red Ale and IPA.

We finally had confirmation of what we always knew: Hump enjoys the meat. He takes twice as much meat as most:

Our hostess Kim finally was named and will henceforth answer to the name 2SOH (2Shits, One Hole)

On On!