2278 – Lay’em Memorial Run

Hare: Dastardly
Where: Cat ‘n Fiddle, Calgary, AB
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 50!

For this important and momentous event, our hare changed the rules a bit.

This week, trail was no secret. We were aiming for Lem’s house(s) via Queen’s Park Cemetery. Dastardly promised us a long one.

Only a few check backs were set on this special run to allow for extra running/ beer credits (the official exchange rate is 1 mile = 1 beer).

We had an amazing turnout of hashers and plenty of muggles too. People came from far and wide to commemorate our dearest Lem. Whale Wanker came from Lethbridge, Lost in Space from the Hat and Tommy TwoFinger came all the way from Coronation! Flash Pants came from Montreal, although it is said she was in town on business.

The walkers in front of Lem’s last project.

Run started promptly at 7pm too allow for everyone to be back in time for the live entertainment at the bar.

Tim Huss

A slideshow was put together with 293 photos of Lem! Here are 9 of the best: