2281 – Happy Birthday, F*uck you!

Hares: Birthday Girl Hot Cheeks, Booty Camp & Snow Blower
Where: Royal Sunalta Park SW, Calgary, AB
Original On-In: Two House Brewing SW, Calgary, AB
New updated On-In: Tailgunner Brewing, Calgary, AB

Birthday Girl Hot Cheeks celebrated in style by setting trail with the Boo-Blow, the hash’s sexiest couple.

Luckily, trail happened the night before the big smoke cloud engulfed Calgary and we were still able to run rather unimpeded, save for the stifling heat. True trail was supposedly 5.7k but some hashers ran over a kilometer worth of check backs! (You’re welcome! 😉

The original On-In location had to be adjusted due to mechanical failure on site. Birthday revelers ended up cumming together at Tailgunner Brewing to celebrate’s Hot Cheeks 35th birthday.

Hot Cheeks really wanted to be in the picture. You win!

On On!