2282 – May Tutu Tutu Ate Too

Hares: Camshaft & Mmm…Ladyfingers!
Where: Bowmont Dog Park, Calgary, AB
On-In: Mmmmmh Lady Fingers & Camshaft’s Abode, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 26

‘Twas a special run, run 2282. Not only was it on Victoria Day, which happened to fall on a 22 (tutu), but it was also MLFBD Eve (the eve of Mmmmmh Lady Finger’s Birthday).

Cam Shaft was resolved to give us the B.E.S.T and longest of trails but Mother Nature had other plans. The torrential downpour cut the trail-setting short and washed off some of the markings.

Nonetheless, what the hares did manage to set was absolutely glorious. And Mother Nature blessed us with the most beautiful weather as we ran trail. Regroup was cut short by the return of the rain but we all met in the hares’ garage for down downs and burgers.

On On!