2288 – School’s Out for Summer Annual Run

Hares: Ms Cheeks (Hot) and Ms Pussy (Abandoned)
Hare in absentia: Ms Spanker (involved in no way, shape or form)
Where: Bebo Grove, Calgary, AB
RA: On-In
Attendance: 28! A full class

Attendance declines towards the end of the school year and this is true for teachers also; PMS (yours truly) is missing this whole last week (and was therefore also absent at this momentous yearly event).

Luckily Hot Cheeks and AP picked up the slack and hared a short but action-packed trail. They designed a test of people’s ability to cross water and offered no accommodation for vertically challenged people. This resulted in varied impact on the tall and the short.

A new onesie (of shame?) appeared. I’m assuming it was provided by the hares? Alternatively, it may have been provided by Lying Sack of Shit who was spotted wearing it at the beginning of trail.

So, as of Friday:

We got no class (not that we ever do)
And we got no principals (or principles)
And we got no innocence (not anymore)

On On!