2290 – Can Crusher’s Debutante Trail

Hares: Can Crusher (with probable help from mom AP)
Where: Can Crusher’s Crib, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 18

We had virgins,
And vi-si-tors
At our hash,
At our hash
Had to get them drunked up
Had to get them drunked up
Down the hatch
Down the hatch

This is what our hash mattress told me anyway, not being present myself. Liquor Lots: “We had 5 visitors/new boots today! 2 from Lagos, Nigeria, and their daughter and her spouse who live in Auburn Bay. And one from Barbados. They were all awesome.”

I’m going to take a wild guess as to who was who.

Poor visitor is getting his ear talked off by Roaring Nancy. We’ll never see him again! In the meantime, while back at the trampoline, the hare is bouncing her little bum off.
The hares

To finish off on a high, here’s a picture posted by Maple, dating back to the 20th century. Regrettably, the most interesting bits have been censored.

Dastardly, third from left and Maple (? really??) on the right.

On On!