2291 – (1st Monday of) Stampede run

Hares: Skewbic Hair
Where: South Glenmore Park, Calgary, AB
RA: Roaring Nancy (by the looks of it)
Attendance: 24

It was a chilly one this Monday night. The weather (and Roaring Nancy’s incessant talking) didn’t deter last week’s visitor Keep on Pumping who came back for seconds and even brought someone with him! It is said that “Not Ready” (left) is a hasher who lives in Calgary! Yet we’ve never managed to make him come. He was just Not Ready. Will he come again?

In a nutshell, here are some other things that happened tonight:

Hardly got lost? Or something to that effect. Anyway, we were reminded NOT to follow Hardly.

Hump The Shark got awarded “Best Dressed” (!)

Pull My Woody celebrated his 300th run.

On On!