2294 – Tequila-mocking bird(s)

Hares: Hot Quicky, Slow Clap & Beer in the Rear
Where: Cold Garden, Calgary, AB
RA: Lying Sack of Shit
Attendance: 22

As everyone knows, July 24th is (US) National Tequila Day. It is unclear why we are celebrating this non-holiday (and a made-up American one at that) but here we are. Maybe it’s ironic, and the harriettes are just mocking it (Sorry. Had to try to explain the run’s title).

Tonight’s weather was reminiscent of hot Mexican summers. Hashers were reminded to hydrate, wear their best Mexican attire, and to be ready for shiggy on trail.

It is said that people got very wet on trail. Was it from the heat? The shiggy? The excitement? Probably all three.

The choir must have had too many tequila shots at the regroup: they decided they only knew ONE SONG, and proceeded to sing it for every single down down (aye-aye-aye-aye, si si senora). (Oh boy, that gets old fast!)

On On!