2303 – 9/11 memorial run

Hares: Tighty Whitey
Where: Ogden Boat Launch SE, Calgary, AB
On-In: Ogden Whistle Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: Professor On In
Attendance: 26

[A moment of silence in the memory of those who lost or gave their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 22 years ago.]

Tighty Whitey regaled us with a wonderfully challenging trail, full of ups and downs, and long check backs that the asshole set On. His. Bike. He claims that it’s not against the rules, but we would ascertain that it is most definitely a “faux pas”, quite literally. (If you do not speak French, “faux pas” means “wrong step”).

To save both time and chalk, the hare made sure only to get off his bike to mark trail every 500 meters or so.

New year new rules: in a last ditch effort to assert themselves as upper mismanagement, it was decided at the last meeting that between September and April, down downs would be held inside, at a bar.

Rules are rules, so after the run on Monday, despite unseasonably warm temperatures, some of the group went to the local dive bar for down downs.

Erections are coming soon. The position of scribbler is up for grabs! Claim it before someone else does!

On On!