Rocky Mountain #121 – Mount & Hump the Shark

Hare: Hump the Shark
Where: Mount Shark Parking Lot, Kananaskis, AB
RA: Tighty Whitey
Attendance: 12

Yes the location was faaaaar but NOT remote, Shark argues. He’ll show us remote!! (Is that a threat?)

The SharkMeister made us travel 2 and a half hours out of Calgary, risk our lives on gravel roads and eat dust for 35 minutes, but the destination was well worth the long journey.

Trail was a floofy cloud of green moss, interspersed with gurgling brooks and stunning lake views.

Some sexual offenses happened on trail.
· Supposedly Slippy and Lying Sack of Shit disappeared behind trees for some “bush play”. This is just hearsay though.
· Maple shared his fluids with Liquor Lots, and there is photographic evidence of her sucking on his thingy.

Post trail, Shark delivered – again! – and served us freshly barbecued burgers with all the trimmings, including not one but two types of home made pickles. Here are two harriettes opening wide for Shark’s meat:

On On!