2306 – T&R Orange Shirt Run

Hares: Hump the Shark
Where: Courtyard Pub, Calgary, AB

RA: Booty Camp
Attendance: 26

The Story

A fine trail was delivered by Hump the Shark to entertain the hash. In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, the runners were encouraged to wear something orange.

The group formed in the North East of Crescent Heights neighbourhood, at the Fiddlers Courtyard, after hunting for appropriate parking. The circle formed and the new Hashmatress, PMS, took charge.

PMS is the New Hash Mattress, supported by On-In… The new regime!

Good attendance and we had a new boot! Rowena, who has connections through the secret ski club, courtesy of Hot Cheeks.

Hump the Shark described the marks for the run, indicating that there were three T&R features to find. The pack muddled off and eventually found the trail, through the Crescent Heights with great views of the city.

PMS sees something going on in that apartment!
Hum the Shark
Waiting for Hashers to find his trail…

We eventually found the trail that lead us through the neighbourhood, which did have some elevation changes. The problem with downhill is there is usually a corresponding uphill. The Reconciliation Bridge was traversed over to the south side of the Bow River.

Happy Hashers crossing the bridge….

East Village and Fort Calgary were explored. The new site for the T&R park was observed at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers!

As darkness settled in, the run continued back over the Bow River to the North Side. Much random trail tracking, with the requisite “false trail” at the top of the stairs in Bridgeland.

Thankfully, for those that ran the alternate trail, the regroup was found without having to give up the elevation achieved from the stair workout. Much mirth and merriment was had for those that were present. Apparently, our new boot was not aware of the regroup, and headed back to the bar. She was educated and made it back for the fun and refreshments!

Regroup with a view!

Finally, back to the bar, refreshments and food were obtained, and the down down’s commenced through the fine work of our RA, Booty Camp. The new boot was acknowledged, Hung Loose finally made 100 runs, and any many transgressions were rewarded with a beverage and a song. Here is a collage of some of the misgivings…..

Of note, is that this date was the wedding anniversary of some hashers who felt it was important to support the club and drink beer on there special day! 24 years of marital bliss….

Skewbic Hair and Mucky Dip celebrating in style…


Your scribe, Skewbic Hair!