Run 2312- Where is your Underwear?

Semper ubi, sub ubi

Hares: Tighty Whitey with assistance from Lying Sack of Shit

Location: Kilt and Caber Pub, Mackenzie Town SE

53 High St SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 0N2

RA: Roaring Nancy

Attendance: 19

The Regroup not to be missed!

The Story

Tighty Whitey stepped up to save the hash, once again. From a southern start point, close to Okotoks, the run was convened to start at the Kilt & Caber Ale House, the in wilds of Mackenzie Town SE. Who knew that people and communities existed at these southern latitudes? After tackling the traffic circle chaos on the way to the start, all was well. You just had to know where to park, and where the pub was to make this work. Thank Google!

The Beginning

GPS directions did not fail. The group of 19 enthusiastic hashers were present to enjoy the spectacle . Surprisingly, we had a new boot. Ernie lives in the area, and finally decided to determine what this drinking club with a running problem was all about. We have been working on Ernie recruitment through the TGIF sub group, and apparently we have had success! Welcome Ernie to the cult…. He also has a doggy companion, who was also welcome to the group.

Ernie the new boot, with dog and Roaring Nancy
Ernie, the new boot, with dog and Roaring Nancy. RN seems pleased!

The circle took form and the happy hashers were there in style. The weather was quite OK for this time of year, and the group were ready to challenge the trail.

Apparently, there was some complaining about Tighty Whitey’s las trail. Not enough marks….was the complaint. For this trail TW had conscripted Lying Sack of Shit (LSOS) to over mark the trail. As such, the amount of chalk that was deposited on the pathways and sidewalks was enough the have a material consequence in the world chalk supply. As evidence, the following marks were provided.

Most of the group had no idea what these marks were for.

The dumfounded looks can be seen on the faces of the harriers…. The pack was released to attempt to discover the marks that had been laid.

The Trail

After some level of confusion, the marks were found and the pack was off. Mackenzie Town has a pond on the community of Inverness. Who knew that you could feel like you were lost in Scotland without leaving Alberta. The smart hashers soon realized that we would be doing the big circle, with some playground distractions. Where to next?


After some confusing marks, whether it was Eagle and Turkey, or Easy and Tough, an option was offered for the trail to the regroup. The smart hashers had already figured this out and cut across to where the trail had to go. The unusual light display was like to beacon to the beer.

Could this be a sign?

The Down Down’s

A short distance from the regroup was the Kilt & Caber Ale House. They had a good space for us at the back of the pub where we could eat and perform the closing ceremonies.

Roaring Nancy was appointed Religious Advisor for the evening.

Roaring Nancy is ready….

His first task was to appoint a choir of Hardly, Mucky Dip and Slippy Thong.

The Choir

Roaring delivered a fine performance of accusation, stories and half truths. Quite entertaining, in a climate controlled environment.

The down-down complete, eating and socializing commenced. See if you can recognize these meals! On the piss!

The Trail (one version)

Scribed by Skewbic Hair