RUN 2316 – Best Ever December 4 Run this year!

Hares: Mmmmm Lady Fingers and Camshaft

Location: Banquet (University District) NW

3953 University Ave NW #220, Calgary, AB T3B 6K3

RA: Hump the Shark

Attendance: 29

University District – Many Lights!

The Beginning

The weather was good and not a snowflake to be seen. Mmmm Lady Fingers and Camshaft selected a cool new venue in the University District for the run start location. Very civilized with free heated underground parking which will be even more appreciated when the weather turns cold.

The group aggregated in the bar and waited for the signal to head outside for the circle up.

The turn out of 29 people was a good number. The warmish weather was appreciated.

PMS ran the circle and went through the introductions, welcomed the archives back to the group, and told us of the milestone runs. She reminded us that we are Number 1!

PMS gives a signal

The hares, Mmmm Lady Fingers and Camshaft were introduced and took us through the marks for the trail. The flagging was lime green and was conspicuously placed where it was difficult to find. The start of the run was through the parkade on a quest to find the one exit door that marked our trail.

The Trail

We started off down the stairs to the parkade. Well lit parking lot. Much running around looking for marks until ultimately we found the exit door selected for the trail and started running around looking for marks and/or flagging.

There was lots of challenging terrain as we wandered though the neighbourhoods of Montgomery and Varsity. The hares had planned the trail with an abundance of great views, complimented by more than enough uphill trail. After 6+ km, we were rewarded with a regroup.


As we came back to the University District, we were pleased to see the BN and BVN symbols leading to the RG. The Dastardly mobile was loaded with suitable beverages to be enjoyed by the group.


The run now over, we assembled in the separated area that had been set aside for us at the pub. Good venue for a group like ours. Minors were kicked out at 9:00 pm so we timed the celebrations to begin at the right time.

Multiple tables meant pick the people you wish to talk with. Not good for mingling, but good for us!

The beer wenches procured an 88 US oz dispenser for beer. Have not seen one of these beer dispensers. Before and after pictures indicate a fine effort from the beer wench.

Hump the Shark appointed himself as Religious Advisor (RA). He selected a choir of Hardly and Twisty and the ceremonies were launched!

The hares were honoured for setting a shitty trail to be enjoyed by all.

Various crimes, misdemeanors, acquisitions, stories and award were delivered. Archives, milestone runs, sexual offences and other down down offences were celebrated.

On the piss!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail – 6+ km