#1781 – Last Hash Run of the Year!

Hare: Dr. Fill
WhereShamrock Hotel, 2101 – 11 Street SE
Big Rock: One last time
Attendance: 16

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Lost’s Episode

The hash, as told to me by a lost Lost in Space, the evening’s Religious Adviser:

Hardley was Choir Master – by all accounts, he sang poorly, which in the hash is of course good.  Tighty Whitey commented that the choir was like a bad MC at a wedding… it still manages to work.

Spitting Balls begged to keep the hash shit one more week as he wanted to dress it up more

Buried Pleasure snitched on Skewbic Hair for showing up early to the run – which Skewbic as a rule never allows to happen.

Rubbermade snitched on King Shit for complaining that someone stole the hash camera and took under the clothes pictures.  King Shit threatened to put the pics on the internet.

In turn, Rubbermade responded, “who cares? No one knows who it is”.  Rubbermade may have volunteered at that point to do a complete and thorough investigation.  I wasn’t there, but I know Rubbermade…

Dementia was called up… but no one remembers why

The rest is Lost in Space by Lost in Space.  Its swirling out there somewhere in the cosmos, but it has no hope of coming back to our Lost.


Master Beater