Run 2334 – Abandoned Humper

Hares:  Hump the Shark
Location:  Pizza Bob’s Classic Pie – Thin Crust Pizza

2610 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3S5
RA: Abandoned Pussy
Attendance: 20

Hump the Shark relieves Abandoned Pussy

The Beginning

Last week was shorts weather. This week was cold and snowy. AP was in line for haring, but had to defer to Hump the Shark to fulfill her obligation. As such, Hump the Shark accepted the challenge, and trail was laid. As a reward, Abandoned Pussy was volunteered to be the Religious Advisor. She has these skills and all were happy.

The group assembled in the bar, keeping warm until called outside. With some international types coming back to the cold climate to appreciate the vacations they had recently completed.

Small hashers were out in abundance as well. Great expectations of playground time could be sensed. The parking lot at Pizza Bobs quickly filled up with those hashers that knew how to park well.

On-In mustered the group to outside where the circle formed at the end of the parking lot.

The Trail

The pack was released to find the marks. Orange flagging was part of the marking scheme. One flag for on. No checks or check backs in flagging. The runners headed west to the first marks.

The walkers were told to keep themselves entertained for an appropriate time for a 6 km run. The walkers headed down Parkdale Boulevard to find some suitable terrain for their walk.

This looks like a good direction

Happy park time was had be the little people. The parents complained about being cold and wanted to move on.

Apparently the runners were entertained by a hill climb and a special parkade feature in the hospital. Evidently, what goes up must come down. No complaints were heard from the runners, suggesting that they had a fine time with some quality park time as well.

Not to be outdone, the walkers took in some of the special scenes and attractions of the Parkdale neighbourhood prior to finding the regroup.

The Regroup

As the walkers group was a bit fragmented, and no extra key fobs were delivered, some had the experience of freezing on the sidewalk beside the locked regroup vehicle. Others followed the Beer Meister to the regroup vehicle. The refreshments were not as cold as the outside temperature. Quick work was done prior the seeking the warmth of Pizza Bobs.

Happy regroup walkers!

The Ending

Pizza Bobs was warm and inviting. The group filed in to appreciate the central heating. Good food and beer were available for the appreciative patrons.

The Down Downs

Abandoned Pussy was Religious Advisor for the evening. She had a cunning plan to make sure that everybody got a down down. Part of her plan was to call someone up for a crime, then have them pick the next victim to be rewarded with a down down.

A series of punishments and rewards were delivered in suitable fashion. We are please to see that our new boot “Just Amy” has returned for more fun. A great addition to the group!

With the down-downs complete, we are now all “on the piss”.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair