Run 2338 – Tu Tu Invasion of Haultain Park SW – Earth Day and Dogs!

Hares:  Oozy Pizzle Panties (OPP) and Liquor Lots (LL)
Location:  Haultain Park SW

225 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1N8

RA:  Insane Bolt
Attendance: 32

View from the top!

The Beginning

Was it a coincidence that April 22, 2024 was the date of our tutu run? As well, some people celebrate Earth Day in a peculiar fashion. As our hares are dog friendly, who know that the on-in would be at the only dog themed taproom, conveniently located near the run start location.

Tutu’s were in abundance. Some matching colours, and even ones that light up! The number of tutu’s increases each time we have a run on the 22 of a month. The circle formed near the playground area of Haultain Park SW.

Milling about prior to the run start.

A strong group of over 30 hashers showed up. We had two hashers that were running for their second time! Just Ernie and Just Angelica. This is a good sign when they come back to the group. A happy crown of people and dogs assembled waiting for the introduction of the plan for a fine evening run.

PMS called the circle to order and the hares introduced the trail to the group.

The pack was released to navigate through the beltline area, obeying all traffic signals they encountered.

The Trail

We started with urban orienteering. Trying to find and follow the marks and not get too lost. Eventually, we ending up mountain climbing.

Uphill to Mount Royal was rewarded with some nice views.

City View

Some reckless playing was observed at a park. Tried not to scare away the locals.

After the play break, it was off to find the regroup chariot parked near the Alberta Ballet office, as a tribute to the tutu outfits.

The Regroup

Suitable refreshment was found and consumed.

The Alberta Ballet would be so proud of this group

The On In

Who knew there was a dog friendly tap room that named their beer after dogs. A dog person must have found this out. However, the venue was good for the group and were assembled in Four Dogs Brewing Company for the comradery and the down downs..

The Down Down’s

Hump the Shark managed to delegate the Religious Advisor role to Insane Bolt. As he had to deal with a challenging group of locals, hashers and dogs, he put in a fine effort to get the job done! Questionable choir choice of PMS and Skewbic Hair, as they never agree on anything, nevertheless what song to sing.

Beverages being prepared.

Crimes, accusations, stories, and a couple of mis-truths made up a bulk of the down downs. A fine job by Insane Bolt demonstrating his ability to manage the unruly crowd.

Finally, after much celebration, Insane declared the evening to be “on the piss”.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

More or less 5+ km’s. If you ran more checkbacks, your trail will be longer,

Other Random Pictures

As cameras were in abundance this run, here are some additional photos collected from the trail.