Run 2341 – Pyro Shows Us the Twins

Hare: Pyro

Location: Crowchild Twin Arena NW, 185 Scenic Acres Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3L 1L4

RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 23

Snow Melting in May – Canada Olympic Park

The Beginning

Pyro volunteered to set trail from the Crowchild Twin Area parking lot in the NW, in the community of Scenic Acres. This part of town has some epic view, pathways that run both downhill and uphill, and well as significant changes in elevation. The ravines are quite spectacular as we have explored them on previous occasions.

The group gathered in the parking lot, and secured appropriate parking spots for the outdoor down-downs that were to follow.

Eventually, something resembling a circle formed as we prepared for the start of the Pyro run.

PMS lead the circle and went through the formalities. Pyro described the run he had set for the group.

The Trail

Pyro pointed us in the direction that lead to the first marks. The pack scattered and started to call out the trail markings. Unfortunately, the trail was configured to start with a huge downhill which had to be repaid later in the trail after exhaustion set in.

Through the neighbourhoods we romped until we discovered more hidden pathways and wide open terrain, with views.

The downhill now changed to uphill and we ambitiously challenged the terrain to finish off the trail. Eventually, the regroup was found and there was much rejoicing.


The support vehicle was full of delicious beverages. A fine finish for a great run.

Down Downs

Outdoor down downs were in order. Those that were prepared with chairs formed a circle. Hump the Shark nominated himself as the Religious Advisor. A choir was selected and the ceremonies were performed.

Hump the Shark called out a number for hashers for various offences and charges. The choir did a fine job of knowing just enough songs to keep it rolling, All was good!

With all the offences dealt with, Hump the Shark declared the group to be “On the piss”.

The group retired to Nottingham’s Pub for further refreshment, popcorn and debrief.

These scribblings scribed by Skewbic Hair

Trail Summary

Depending on your success with check backs, the trail was in the 5 km range. A perfect distance for a hash run.

Note: This map had a section of driving from the end of the run to the pub. You numbers will be different