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2305 – Yummy Kippers Run

Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Moose McGuire Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: On In!
Attendance: 27

Every year Twister Sister and Hardly set their own version of a Yom Kippur run. Yummy Kippers is observed for a 2.5-hour period, beginning at 7pm. Goldfish crackers are holy food for this event.

It sometimes coincides with erection night which is the appointment of the new mismanagement for the coming year. This year was such a year and we celebrated the holy day of Yummy Kippers as well as the new mismanagement.

This year saw the cumming of at least one new mismanager: Lazy Cummer will have to cum more regularly to fulfill his hash cash duties. By his own admission, he’s a “fair weather hasher”. Well, hash cash happens in all weathers so, he’d better get ready to face blizzards and all.

Other (re)appointments included:
· Skewbic Hair graciously took on the role of scribbler (thank you!).
· Daisy Duke, King Shit, Dastardly and Booty Camp kept their roles of Haberdasher/Awardinator, Sexetary/Übergeek, BeerMeister and Joint Master, respectively.
· Liquor Lots and Hump the Shark stepped down from Hash Masters and are taking the roles of Beer Wench and RA Coordinator.
· On In and PMS will be your new fearless leaders
· Hash Cash will be handled by: Strap On, Slippy Thong, Lazy Cummer, Hot Cheeks (by PMS ordinance) and… someone else?

Tonight’s trail saw Hung Loose running faster than ever when he saw a young thing running in a bra, ahead of him (until he realised that she was likely younger than his daughter and that it was a little creepy).

We had yet another visitor from Lagos, Nigeria (their Hash is very active indeed!): Toothless Head (Head? Who said head?) joined us for tonight.

Trail was – according to the hares – the Best Trail EVER. It was fun, though the lack of circle jerk was a little bit of a let down.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 383773619_10167938763025384_7373708242803612040_n-1024x768.jpg
Typical Liquor Lots: she lying there with her legs out, while the guy does all the work!

For shits and giggles, I asked ChatGPT to type me a farewell message, as it’s my last scribbing before Skewbic Hair takes over. Here is what it came up with (keeping in mind that I asked for “a SHORT message”… Fucking ChattyGPT):

As I bid adieu to this chapter of my [scribbling] journey, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for being a part of my world, for taking the time to read my [scribbles], and for your unwavering support [?!].

It’s time for me to pass the torch to [Skewb] who will be taking over [my scribbling duties]. I wish [him] all the best on [his] exciting journey ahead. May [he] continue to inspire, educate, and entertain you just as I have tried to do. [!!]

Remember, the world of [scribbling] is a beautiful tapestry woven with the words, thoughts, and stories of countless [hashers]. I hope you’ll embrace the fresh perspective and insights that [Skewb] brings.

Thank you once again for being a wonderful part of my [scribbling] adventure. Farewell for now, and may your days be filled with inspiration and discovery.

With warmest regards,

(fucking scary, right???)

On On!

2185 – Yummy Kippers Run & Erections!

Hares : Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, Calgary
Attendance : 26 + a baby (for all candidates to kiss)

Monday was Erections Day! The main erection being – of course – the nomination and advent of the hash’s new mismanagement team: a bunch of inept misfits, doing a job they don’t really want to do for very little recognition.

Your new mismanagement, in reverse order of importance, are:

Hashmaster(s) — Our glorious leaders: Lay Em in Snow & Skewbic Hair
Jointmaster Booty Camp
Sexitary King Shit
Under The Influencer — (anti) social media stuff Nev-R-bin _____
Religious Advisor Coordinator Rashy Bush
Haberdasher aka. Hash Trash Daisy Duke
Awardinator Daisy Duke
Beer Meister Stool Stuffer
Beer Wench Snow Blower & Hump The Shark
Hash Cash Slippy Thong, Hot Cheeks & Mmm… Ladyfingers
Übergeek (Webmaster) King Shit
Üntergeek (ass. Webmaster) Skewbic Hair, Snevil, Sucks Everything & Abandoned Pussy
Hash Horn Baby & Daisy Duke
International Membership Recruiter and Remote Scribe Princess Monkey Spanker

But before that, trail was set and, like for every erections, marked with little fishies. Beers and goldfish crackers were also part of the event.