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2299 – Heroes & Villains Live Hare Gong Show

Hares: Qweft-BG & Liquor Lots
Where: LIQUOR Lots’s Lot, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 27

Today’s hare was “the man with 6 names“. On top of his civilian name, he goes by “Queer Eye for the Brown Guy”, “Qweft-BG”, “Queef”, “Funny Guy” (A Can Crusher exclusive), and “Liquor Lots’s piece of ass”. For obvious practical purposes, I will stick to Queef.

Queef doesn’t often (or ever) hare in Calgary, but when he does, he makes sure it’s a live hare, in an area he barely knows. (Live haring allowed for more time in bed with Liquor Lots). The deed was done “T2 Style” (Edmonton True Trail style): fast and furious. There were boobs checks, dick checks, some getting wet, much trying to find your way around and someone definitely finished first.

King Shit finished dead fucking last and got assistance from a much younger harriette to get him back up at the end.

Regroup and down downs were held in LL’s back lot where Dastardly celebrated his birthday and provided us with delicious iced treats.

Despite a most lovely trail, some people opted out of running/walking and chose to … bash!! (Gasp!) Lots and lots of excuses:
– Dark Side of the Moon’s excuse was that he was too far away to make it on time.
– AP’s excuse was (what else?) RUGBY
– PMS (yours truly) offered no excuse, but you better be sure that it was a good one.

On On!