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2296 – Slutfest 9000

Hares: Booty Blower (Booty Camp + Snow Blower)
Where: Evil Corporation Brewing, Calgary, AB
RA: Snevil
Attendance: 16

slutty trail (it sucked! – if ya know what I mean)
slutty trail (it blew! – wink wink)

Now this is one run that the scribe is very sorry to be missing. Who doesn’t love a good themed-run? And one themed around sluttiness at that? Come on!

Hashers were asked to dress sluttier than usual for this run. Now of course, most Calgary hashers are pretty slutty to begin with, starting with the hares, of course. Here is a little gallery displaying unprompted sluttiness over the years.

For this run, some (few) people made an effort:

While most remained very conservative (boring!):

Look at this boring lot!

Snevil RA’ed. It’s only fitting as Down Down took place in her office (Evil Corporation Brewing).

On On!