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2183 – The CH3’s Yearly Hiking Weekend

Hares : King Shit
Where: Arthur O. Wheeler Hut, BC
Attendance : 7 (as per BC health measures)

With views this breathtaking, no wonder this event warranted its own run number! (But really, it was only King Shit’s scheme to ensure he secures his lead in “most runs run at the Calgary Hash House Harriers”.)

5 Calgary Hashers and 2 Ottawa Hashers joined in this year’s CH3 hiking event at the ACC Wheeler Hut. It wasn’t all work and no play, though. There were libations too, judging by the photographic evidence left on the Facebook page.

PMS Out,

2174 – Anal Stampede Campout

Hares : Lay’em in Snow
Where: Last Chance Saloon, Wayne, Alberta
Attendance : 16

For our yearly Stampede Campout, Lay’em organized a fantastic weekend at a legendary Alberta venue. The Last Chance Saloon is where the Jackie Chan movie “Shanghai Noon” was filmed. This 100 year old hotel has bullet holes in the walls of the bar. It is supposed to be haunted, so we recommended that only our bravest hashers stay there. I believe all opted to camp in the back of the hotel near the creek.

Fun fact: the hotel is owned by a former Calgary and Edmonton hasher: “RV” (Dave Arsenault).

The hotel manager Paula wanted to partake in a Midnight Naked Run (as that’s something hashers indulge in) but there is no evidence that such an event took place this year (yet I have it on good authority that it did).

Here are some things that did take place and for which there is photographic evidence:


Flapjack-OFF 15

Hares : Skewbic Hare and Mucky Dip
Where: North Glenmore Park (66 Ave and 37 St SW)

This special event was part of Run Calgary’s virtual r-word series.

For the race-ists who registered, the idea was to run around the reservoir (for a total of 15k). For those that just wanted to go for a nice virtual run with Hashing pals, it was suggested that they stop at the halfway point (Scoobie and Mucky’s) for refreshments and a post-run BBQ. Scoobie provided wiener for all and tossed salad.