#1923 – The Largest Hash Run in Canada… Happy 150!

Hares : Twisted Sister, Hardly (Calgary hares)
WhereAtlantic Trap and Gill, 510 Heritage Drive SW
Religious Advisor: Abandoned Pussy
Attendance: 300+ and counting
(Calgary Attendance: 66)

Oh Canada,
Our home and Hashing Land
True trails we love, no back-checks have we ran!
With glowing cheeks, we crest the rise
To find that we’ve been tricked
Beers we will share and we’ll ice the hare
And see his tiny prick
G keep our beer
Cold, plentiful and cheap
Oh Canada, we’re hashing every week
Oh Canada we’re hashing every week!

Calgary invited every hash group in Canada to run on July 1st, Canada Day, starting at the same time. So… 3 pm in the Maritimes, 2 pm Quebec/Ontario, 1 pm in Manitoba, Noon in Saskatchewan/Alberta, 11 am in BC, etc. There were pre-lubes and post-lubes too.

255 commemerative shirts were sent to hashers in Canada and around the world.

Below are photos from hashes that participated. They are still coming in, so check back often.

King Shit


Calgary, AB

See more Calgary photos!

Edmonton-on, AB

Thanks Finger Food!

Ottawa, ON

Saint Albert, AB

Roooadhouse, Hymen’Ice Gurl, HandJob, Woody Wood Whacked, Sènor Dick, and Ginger Jail Bait worked the beer out from the night before as the St. Albert H3 had a wonderful Canada Day!

Saskatoon, SK

We are a small group, but actually had 9 hashers out at noon – long weekend being that several losers were out of town 🙂

Frisky Biscuit

Victoria, BC

We had 36 hashers attend our VH3 July 1st run — Double Hump, GM



Hello! We had a small turnout of hashers for the celebrations. The contingent from Galway (2 hashers) weren’t able to make it in the end, as well as some Dublin hashers who wanted to attend but had other family commitments. (who are these people not to put Canada Day first?! 😉 )

However, we had 2 hashers from Canada visiting us; PEI and B.C.; not to forget yours truly, we had 3 Canadians in total, as well as 3 froggies, 3 hashers from Belfast, two Dublin hashers (hash cash & a normal hasher) and a muggle (Canadian) who saw us celebrating and we gave him some beer and food. The hashers who couldn’t make it were the ones who ordered the t-shirt.

We had great fun on that day, as we had a quiz on Canada at certain points along the trail. Fish & Chips were had afterwards, as well as many down downs. Albeit a small turnout we still had fun!

Thank you for letting us celebrate the special event with you guys!

On On
Wicked Beaver
(I am the one with the hat on in the middle)



Harrisburg-Hershey HHH, Pennsylvania

A Canadian flag was present at the start and we had shots of 100 proof moonshine with cherries. The “Guide to Becoming an Authentic Canadian” was on display, which some people read and someone absconded with… obviously a Canadian wanna-be.

According to the Guide: An authentic Canadian knows the country’s icons such as beavers and bears, wears a toque, says “eh,” and eats and drinks maple syrup, salmon, poutine and Canadian bacon.

On On!
Sister Maria

San Antonio, Texas

On on from San Antonio. We’re a day late, but I thought I’d share with you the southernmost Canada Day Hash.

‘Merica with a splash of Canada Day trail

XXXTRA Terestrial H3
Kinky Candied Ham – hare

Santa Barbara, California

We had over 50 ppl at the campout in Santa Barbara, California. We handed out Cdn Flag stickers and had a special shot for the tent crawl – Cdn whiskey with a maple syrup chaser.

Early Saturday morning, a Las Vegas hasher at the campout walked up to all of us sitting at picnic tables & played “Oh Canada” which she had cued up on her portable speaker.

Damn It & Damn It