2176 – The Double Threat Run

Hares : Pyro and Krusty
Where: 5029 Nose Hill Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3L 0A2
Attendance : 28

Many hashers gasped with horror when they saw those two hares’ names combined for this Monday’s run. Some even conveniently found themselves suddenly “busy” with their “other friends” that night (ahem-Snevil&HotCheeks-ahem).

Shockingly, trail was no ball buster. Some technology relying race-ists may have even clocked it at a very reasonable 6.3km. To prove that they weren’t going soft on us, Pyro and Krusty *did* however provide us with mucky grounds, prickly bushes and steep hills.

No milestones this week, but we had the visit of two virgins (whom Wet Spot and Cum Honor made come): Bjoern and Aline. Bjoern wanted to run with airpods in, but gave up on the idea after p̶e̶r̶s̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶̶̶r̶̶̶i̶̶̶b̶̶̶b̶̶̶i̶̶̶n̶̶̶g̶̶̶ some guidance from the rest of the pack.

Also, archived Frogodile Hunter graced us with her presence. Regrettably, she found no frogodiles on trail.

In other news, there were two episodes of alcohol abuse, for which the perpetrators were punished by abusing more alcohol.

For more shameful behaviour, see below:


2175 – Cum Honor’s short one

Hares : Cum Honor and Wet Spot
Where: Tuxedo Park Community Association and Hall, 202 29 Ave NE
Attendance : 21

Red Deer expats Cum Honor and Wet Spot (I wonder if their names and their coupling are a coincidence…) delighted Sticky Lips with the shortest fair weather hash in Calgary Hash History. They insisted that they were doing it the Red Deer way and they generously provided their own regroup beer.

Because the run was so short, nothing much happened on trail. Speaking of short, Lying Sack chose to relieve (and expose!) himself in full view of young and impressionable harrierettes. He defended himself by arguing that there wasn’t “anything to see”.

No milestones this week, but run 2175 saw the first cumming of JC (thanks to Lof-T Prancer). Now we’re all nervously awaiting his second cumming. “The hour and the day no man knoweth” (D&C 49:7), although one might speculate that it would be on a Monday, at 7pm.


2174 – Anal Stampede Campout

Hares : Lay’em in Snow
Where: Last Chance Saloon, Wayne, Alberta
Attendance : 16

For our yearly Stampede Campout, Lay’em organized a fantastic weekend at a legendary Alberta venue. The Last Chance Saloon is where the Jackie Chan movie “Shanghai Noon” was filmed. This 100 year old hotel has bullet holes in the walls of the bar. It is supposed to be haunted, so we recommended that only our bravest hashers stay there. I believe all opted to camp in the back of the hotel near the creek.

Fun fact: the hotel is owned by a former Calgary and Edmonton hasher: “RV” (Dave Arsenault).

The hotel manager Paula wanted to partake in a Midnight Naked Run (as that’s something hashers indulge in) but there is no evidence that such an event took place this year (yet I have it on good authority that it did).

Here are some things that did take place and for which there is photographic evidence:


2173 – Daisy Duke in chaps

Hares : Stool Stuffer & Daisy Duke
Where: 403 Local Eatery, 380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE
Attendance : 22

Judging by the photos, it was a good run followed by a fun “near normal” on-in, complete with patio sitting and singing.

No milestones this week but a NAMING:

  1. Relative newbie Tom will henceforth be known as “Broken Woody”.

The story behind the name is supposedly perfectly innocent, but no one is buying it.


Flapjack-OFF 15

Hares : Skewbic Hare and Mucky Dip
Where: North Glenmore Park (66 Ave and 37 St SW)

This special event was part of Run Calgary’s virtual r-word series.

For the race-ists who registered, the idea was to run around the reservoir (for a total of 15k). For those that just wanted to go for a nice virtual run with Hashing pals, it was suggested that they stop at the halfway point (Scoobie and Mucky’s) for refreshments and a post-run BBQ. Scoobie provided wiener for all and tossed salad.


2172 – Calgary, Unmasked!

Hares : Cam Shaft and Mmm… Lady Fingers
Where: Varsity Acres Park
Attendance : 22

Always knew these two were swingers.

A radical change in weather from the previous few runs. This one was a WET ONE. A few things happened: trail was run, beers were drunk, songs were sung, ridiculous headgear was worn and tomfoolery took place.


2171 – July 1 Run

Hares : Twisted Sister, Hardly, Rashy Bush and Stool Stuffer
Where: Nose Hill Park (Peckers Point), 5620 14 St NW
Attendance : 19

Hardly looks like he’s breathing rather heavily, no?

This run tied last Monday’s run as the HOTTEST run of the year. I’m told* it was a short one and people gathered for some backside fun afterwards. I’m unsure whether Stool Stuffer got his meat out this time, but I sort of remember Hardly and Twisted Sister mentioning that everybody would get wiener. There is no photographic evidence however (not here anyway. You may want to try your luck on some other site).

Get a life! Two milestones this week:

  1. Hardly at 1350 runs
  2. Twisted Sister at 1350 runs

What a coincidence, say you? Nah. Despite being married for a bazillion years, these two always ensure that they come together.


*If you want more accurate scribblings, write them yourself!