2185 – Yummy Kippers Run & Erections!

Hares : Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, Calgary
Attendance : 26 + a baby (for all candidates to kiss)

Monday was Erections Day! The main erection being – of course – the nomination and advent of the hash’s new mismanagement team: a bunch of inept misfits, doing a job they don’t really want to do for very little recognition.

Your new mismanagement, in reverse order of importance, are:

Hashmaster(s) — Our glorious leaders: Lay Em in Snow & Skewbic Hair
Jointmaster Booty Camp
Sexitary King Shit
Under The Influencer — (anti) social media stuff Nev-R-bin _____
Religious Advisor Coordinator Rashy Bush
Haberdasher aka. Hash Trash Daisy Duke
Awardinator Daisy Duke
Beer Meister Stool Stuffer
Beer Wench Snow Blower & Hump The Shark
Hash Cash Slippy Thong, Hot Cheeks & Mmm… Ladyfingers
Übergeek (Webmaster) King Shit
Üntergeek (ass. Webmaster) Skewbic Hair, Snevil, Sucks Everything & Abandoned Pussy
Hash Horn Baby & Daisy Duke
International Membership Recruiter and Remote Scribe Princess Monkey Spanker

But before that, trail was set and, like for every erections, marked with little fishies. Beers and goldfish crackers were also part of the event.


2184 – Oh, HILL NO!!

Hares : The BooBlow (Booty Camp and Snow Blower)
Where: Felker Park, Calgary
Attendance : 27.5 (27 + one half pint)

The Hash’s loudest burpers stepped up to the plate again and gave us the gift of trail. One that could be followed to boot! Thank you.

There are a few pictures available of this week’s trail, although Stool Stuffer’s meat stole the show on the Facebook feed.

A.P did not get the red shirt memo.

This virgin very bravely brought his very small child to his first hash. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Could Booty Camp *be* any more beautiful? I think not.

And now for the main event: Stooly’s meat.

On out!

Wish you were here,

2183 – The CH3’s Yearly Hiking Weekend

Hares : King Shit
Where: Arthur O. Wheeler Hut, BC
Attendance : 7 (as per BC health measures)

With views this breathtaking, no wonder this event warranted its own run number! (But really, it was only King Shit’s scheme to ensure he secures his lead in “most runs run at the Calgary Hash House Harriers”.)

5 Calgary Hashers and 2 Ottawa Hashers joined in this year’s CH3 hiking event at the ACC Wheeler Hut. It wasn’t all work and no play, though. There were libations too, judging by the photographic evidence left on the Facebook page.

PMS Out,

2182 – The Hare & The Purpose?

Hares : Was there one? Lying Sack of Shit said he was…
Where: Joyce on 4th, Calgary AB
Attendance : 10

S-H-I, T-T-Y, T-R-A-I-L,
Shitty trail, (It sucked!)
Shitty trail, (It really sucked!)
The motherlover set a shitty trail;
I’d rather drink another beer
Than run your shitty trail.
S-H-I, T-T-Y, T-R-A-I-L

I guess that’s what we get for entrusting LSOS to “live hare” at the last minute! No one found trail. Thankfully only ten suckers showed up this week (and that’s including the hare!)

Let that be a lesson for everyone! People better sign up to hare.