2208 – Adiós Muchachos Run ??

Hares: Stool Stuffer (and Rashy Bush)
Where: Bumblebee Park, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 13

Here’s another hare who is really pulling his weight during this pandemic; he sets more than his fair share of trails. The name of the run is a little dramatic. No, no one is leaving for good. Stoolie (and Rashy) just set the final run in January before fucking off to to Mexico to drink the Corona for a few weeks. Let’s hope they don’t rub it in our face with unending Facebook posts of sunshine, sea and margaritas.

Hashers present:
Oozle Pizzle Panties
Lying Sack Of Shit
King Shit
Liquor Lots
Hump the Shark
Slippy Thong
Skewbic Hair
Mucky Dip
Lay ‘em In Snow
Twisted Sister
Stool Stuffer

“Hares lie” – Snevil

The hare said only a small portion of the trail was icy and that runners probably wouldn’t need spikes.

TURNS OUT, the trail was 80% pure ice, and spikes were definitely needed . Liquor Lots and Hardly both went down (not on each other) in different parts of the trail. LL even has the war wounds to show for it.

OPP forgot how to use her headlamp so was made fun of for that. Yet somehow, she managed to offload the hash shit that she had since October!

Scooby’s hash shit went to his beautiful wife. She was punished for excessive fraternization with the walkers (pick a side, Mucky!!).

Scooby was only hash shit-less for 2 minutes as he inherited OPP’s, for reasons unclear, other than the fact that we like to punish Scooby.

The hares not only set trail, but also brought the beer for regroup, which they chilled. A real classy move on their part. They also arranged for an On In at 722 World Bier Haus.


2207 – Anal Ski Trip Post-Skiing Hash

Hares: Lay’em in Snow
Where: Castle Mountain Resort, ‘berta
On In: T-Bar
Attendance: 16
RA: Abandoned Pussy, probably

This anal ski trip is an opportunity for the select few who found the golden shower ticket to gather at Castle Mountain, ski during the day and hit the T-Bar.

What happens in Castle stays in Castle, except for the few tales, videos and photos that were leaked on social media. Here is what (we gather and guess) happened:

  • people skied and bitched about the snow
  • Hot Cheeks brought the ShotSki out
  • hashers went into the hot tub
  • Skewbic Hair stole other hashers’ beers
  • Lay’em In Snow offered to take people to his secret little babbling brook and be one with nature
  • hashers stumbled around the parking lot and called it a numbered hash run.
  • PMS’s outstanding playlists were sorely missed.

On On!
PMS (compiler of extraordinary playlists)

2206 – How Hard (and Twisted) Can This Be?

Hares: Hardly and Twisted Sister (and probably Dastardly)
Where: Confederation Park (again), Calgary, AB
Attendance: 15
RA: Rashy Bush

Even though Dastardly wasn’t officially on the hares list, we all know he must have been involved somehow, since he can’t keep his dirty paws off of other people’s trails these days.

Hardly and Twisty (and Dastardly) are always very prepared and plan their trail weeks in advance. Yet, last week’s hares changed their start of trail to this exact same location at the last minute. This must have thrown Hardly and Twisty (and Dastardly) for a loop and made marking their trail that much harder.

Hares set trail on Sunday and warned everyone to bring their strap-ons and that there was a very high possibility of people going down on trail.

Head? who said head? I’ll have some of that!

Hares also suggested that hashers be ready to whip out their wood after trail.

No Milestones tonight but there was one New Boot. Her name is Christa. Let’s see if we scared her off or if we’re lucky enough to see her face back next week.

On On!

2205 – Daisy Comes Through!

Hares: Daisy Duke and – who else – Dastardly!
Where: Confederation Park, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 20
RA: Rashy Bush

This week, shockingly, Dastardly (always the bridesmaid, never the bride) was co-hare, *yet again*. It sure looks like he has nothing better to do with himself. What is it, three in a row now? Four? More?

The weather forecast called for a steep drop in temperature right after the 7 o’clock circle up time. And then snow squalls happened, and wind gusts.

Apparently it was too windy for pictures, save for this gem:

Hot Cheeks cruising for cheap hookers. What does a fiver get you these days?

Regardless of weather, Daisy’s trails are always a surprise: some are short (but hard), while others are long (and hard). Some are growers, not showers*.

*throwback to 2012. Picture this: Daisy sets trail. After 5K of running, the pack comes back within spitting distance of the On In (bar). We all think it’s over. Yaaay, beer! But nah. He has us veer left and running for another 6K! Lemme tell ya: it’s been 10 years and I still haven’t forgiven him.

Maybe he’s learned from his sins because this time, he provided the group with a Turkey/Eagle split. Turkey/Eagle splits allow wannabe athletes to go for longer distances while the lazy asses take the shorter route. In this case Daisy Duke basically tour-guided the Turkeys along the Turkey trail, while Dastardly probably FRB’ed the Eagle trail, despite being hare.

Speaking of athletes: Slippy Thong and Lying Sack of Shit came back from their trip to Tanzania, hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro. Poor them. Sounds awful. Lying Sack mentioned how sorry he was to have missed the -38°C run from a few weeks back. Should we believe him? He is – after all – a Lying Sack of Shit.

This week again, walkers and Turkeys huddled up in their cars whilst awaiting the return of the prodigal Eagles.

Bootie Camp celebrated her 269th (where was Snow Blower for this 69 action??)

Business in the Back is BACK. He finally deigned show his face (and his back) after weeeeeeks of absence.

On On!

2204 – Views and Vistas

Hares: Lay’em and Lay’em’s little helper (Dastardly)
Where: Riley Park NW Fire pit, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 17
RA: Hump The Shark

Because Lay’em’s trails always take our breath away (literally and figuratively), we knew to expect views, vistas and vigorous exercise. He even delivered balmy weather (some might even say downright sweltering). This was setting very high expectations for our new boot André. We’d better lower the bar next week or else he’ll think that’s the norm!

Archive OPP, that fair weather hasher, missed the whole cold spell of the past ten weeks. She must have been abducted by aliens because her long absence made her forget all hash rules and protocol* (namely how to circle up, how down downs work and how not to touch someone else’s hash shit). Speaking of, this week’s hash shit exchange was a clusterf*&k of epic proportions. Hot Cheeks – who knows how to work the system – managed to offload hers while still getting free beer. In the end:

  • Daisy Duke inherited the hat shit
  • Skewbic Hair and OPP landed a plunger each.

Skewbic Hair and Daisy Duke both proved inept at handling their wood. Scoob’s wood turned out to be wet and sloppy while Daisy needed a flame thrower and gasoline to get his fired up. Ultimately, Daisy was more successful at getting people’s loins hot.

We had two milestones (a.k.a Get-a-Life Awards) this week:

  • Daisy Duke has made himself cum 250 times.
  • Lay’em had his 750th runs (and apparently went down on trail to celebrate)

On on!

*this had happened on run 2179 too.

2203 – The Big ? Run

Hares: Scoobie and Dastardly
Where: Heritage Park – Big H, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 10

If you don’t hash regularly with the Calgary Hash House Harriers, you probably don’t know that Skewbic Hair (Scoobie) is obsessed with the Big H at the entrance of Heritage Park. In fact, he’s obsessed with the Reservoir as a whole and even has his secret little drinking spot there somewhere. If he likes you enough, he may even let you in on the secret.

Today, Skewbic (with the help of the Dastard) took the pack through his regular stomping grounds. Hashers found that trail was well marked, despite the hare’s forewarning that some marks may have disappeared on Sunday night. Scoobie used a combination of “yellow” flagging (that’s his use of quotation marks), red chalk, green chalk and white chalk to keep the pack titillated. Trail was around 4km short.

Because of the inclement weather, down down were kept to a minimum:

  • The hares were sung the F-R-E-E-Z-Y T-R-A-I-L song (a surprising twist on the ol’ S-H-I-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-L)
  • Snevil offloaded the hat shit back to Hot Cheeks, who showed no gratitude whatsoever for the extra warmth. (The offence? Excessive F-bombing… Who knew that was offensive?? ?)
  • Daisy Duke was called out for trying to impersonate Nanook of the North (I’m assuming he was wearing his thrift store bearskin coat).
  • King Shit had a senior moment and confused Hardly with Dreary.
  • Lay ’em In Snow was called out for… walking ?
“Hardly cold at all” – Liquor Lots.


2202 – ?New Year Tacky Formal?

Hare: Stool Stuffer
Where: Lynwood Park SE, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 13

Hashers in attendance today:
✔ Booty Camp
✔ Daisy Duke
✔ Dastardly
✔ Hardly
✔ King Shit
✔ Lay’em in Snow
✔ Liquor Lots
✔ Rashy Bush
✔ Skewbic hair
✔ Snow Blower
✔ Stool Stuffer ?
✔ Tighty Whitey
✔ Twisted Sister

Tacky formals are always a fun way to see how people manage to get decked out in ridiculous outfits that they are still able to run in. (Pro-tip: 80’s cocktail attire and athletic wear are both a lurex/poly-blend. Coincidence?? I think not!). This year however, disappointingly, few people ventured out of their regular hash comfort zone. A few hashers did make an effort: we saw a couple of tuxedo t-shirts (the Twisdlies), one actually tuxedo jacket & bow tie (King Shit) and a mystifying nubuck chaps and corduroy jacket combo (Daisy Duke. Who else?). An honorable mention goes to Rashy Bush with her glittery cum-merbund (!).

Stoolie brought us the longest run of 2022. Seriously now, he had notified – nay, warned – that his trail would be “of average length or longer” ?. His reasoning was that since temps were “tropical” (i.e. nearing 0°C), it was the perfect opportunity to take ourselves out of hibernation and do an actual regular length trail. None of this carshing or 600 m trail nonsense.

On On and Hashy New Year!