2260 – Boxing Day Boxer Shorts

Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Brickwell Tap House, Calgary, AB
What: Don’t forget to wear your favourite Boxer Shorts.
RA: On In
Attendance: 19

Temperatures were breaking zero degrees and it was a 2pm affair which means that trail was run in broad daylight! Nice change of pace from the few weeks prior.

The hares warned that it could be a ballbuster run or the second shortest trail of the year. Which was it??

My intelligence (let’s temper this statement: my “intelligence” was King Shit) tells me that it was somewhere in between the two. I quote: ” a good distance, as the weather was warm, but not a ballbuster”. So… average length.

For her own birthday, Slippy Thong, treated the gang to a strip tease of sorts by “slipping” her headband off in a most seductive fashion, “like underwear” (?!).

Snow Blower celebrated his 200th run (jeeeee, get a LIFE!).

On On!

2259 – Always Wear Undawear

Hares: Booty Camp and Snow Blower
Where: Ol’ Beautiful Brewery, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 21
RA: On In (?)

Brrrrrrrr. T’was cold! T’was the “shortest run of the year” on the shortest day of the year.

Frogodile Hunter turned 40 30 today and she chose to celebrate it with the people that really matter.

Doesn’t look a day over 29, this one.

2258 – Deep South Run

Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Blackbird Public Urban Bar, Calgary, AB
Directions: Drive South until you hit Granum, then turn around and drive about about an hour North.
Attendance: 12
RA: On In

Our Hash Mattress asked, nay, *demanded* that the hare set a lengthier trail (for racist reasons). Being the good and amenable little hasher that she is, AP was more than happy to comply. And we aaaallllll paid the price with an 8k dash.

On top of that, the deep south wasn’t the tropical paradise it promised to be and we were blessed with frigid wind gusts.

Back at the regroup, the RA did down downs outside. AP received her 400th run trophy. This trophy gets passed to hashers when they run their 400th trail. They hold on to it until a next hasher gets to 400 runs. This can take years, which means you get to hang on to this most decorative trophy for a delightfully long time.

On On!

2257 – Insane Bolt’s cold insanity

Hares: Insane Bolt with the help of Dastardly
Where: The Banquet, Calgary, AB
On-In: The Banquet, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 12
RA: Camshaft

12 courageous souls (gluttons for punishment) dared brave the snow, the wind and the cold for one of Insane Bolt’s doozie of a trail. He swears that when he “reckied” it, it was a perfectly pleasant 6k stroll. This is Calgary, so things can shift dramatically in 24 hours. By the time he was setting it (at the last minute), his carefully planned route was covered in ankle-deep, ankle-breaking snow.

Some hashers may have been caught bitching about it (“What has two thumbs and bitched about the terrible running conditions on tonight’s trail? THIS scribe!”)

No photos of the trail surfaced on the interwebz, probably because it was too flipping cold out to stop for pictures!

The regroup was located near a gas fire pit that looked a lot better than it warmed us up.

We celebrated Karate Klit’s 50th run and I managed to snap a photo where she doesn’t make a face. (Turns out, all you have to do is give her something to put in her mouth!)

Good job on surviving 50 runs

On On!