2278 – Lay’em Memorial Run

Hare: Dastardly
Where: Cat ‘n Fiddle, Calgary, AB
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 50!

For this important and momentous event, our hare changed the rules a bit.

This week, trail was no secret. We were aiming for Lem’s house(s) via Queen’s Park Cemetery. Dastardly promised us a long one.

Only a few check backs were set on this special run to allow for extra running/ beer credits (the official exchange rate is 1 mile = 1 beer).

We had an amazing turnout of hashers and plenty of muggles too. People came from far and wide to commemorate our dearest Lem. Whale Wanker came from Lethbridge, Lost in Space from the Hat and Tommy TwoFinger came all the way from Coronation! Flash Pants came from Montreal, although it is said she was in town on business.

The walkers in front of Lem’s last project.

Run started promptly at 7pm too allow for everyone to be back in time for the live entertainment at the bar.

Tim Huss

A slideshow was put together with 293 photos of Lem! Here are 9 of the best:

Rocky Mountain Hash 120 – Tutus in the Mountains

Hare: Hump the Shark
Where: Sandy McNabb Trailhead, Kananaskis, AB T0L 1K0
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 17

For the first time in a reaaaally long time (2017?), a Rocky Mountain trail was set. Hump the Shark chose what turned out to be a beautiful April day to do so. In addition, it was April 22nd – i.e. 2-2, and this constitutes an excuse to wear a tutu, which hashers go out of their way to do.

We had a small contingent of die hard hashers, a new boot and a representative of the next generation.

Trail was HORSESHIT, nay (neigh)… BULLSHIT. It was truly shitty, like… literally. There were all kinds of animal droppings along trail (deer, horse, cow… bear probably). Hump gave us lots of other shiggy too: snow, mud, and shrubbery. And views! So many epic views!

After the run, orange food group and hamburgers made their appearance, as well as libations. Despite the scribe’s excellent recommendation to go for Coors Light (the official beer of the Rocky Mountains – best served Rocky Mountain ), the hares opted for the more conservative President’s choice Red Ale and IPA.

We finally had confirmation of what we always knew: Hump enjoys the meat. He takes twice as much meat as most:

Our hostess Kim finally was named and will henceforth answer to the name 2SOH (2Shits, One Hole)

On On!

2277 – End of an Era

Hare: Roaring Nancy
Where: Sandy Beach Park, Calgary, AB T2T 2V8
RA: On In
Attendance: 24

Roaring Nancy titillated our curiosity with this Run name. “What Era? Tell us what’s going on” quoth we last week. He remained tight lipped until the event itself.

It turns out that he is officially exiting the work force at the tender age of 65 (’twas his birthday, too!). Geriatric Roaring Nancy is therefore now in “assisted haring” territory, incapable of covering the distance all by himself. Young Dastardly (our perma-hare) offered his assistance and they both came up with a complicated (and oh-so-funny) new set of marks for this “new age” trail.

  • On-on: R for Retirement
  • Check: Circle with “I” inside – Investing / Investigating
  • Check back: Circle with X and NR inside – Non-Registered / Non-receipt of further marks
  • Playground: CPP – Canada Pension Plan / Children’s Play Place
  • Viewpoint: OAP – Old Age Pensioner / Outdoor Aesthetic Place (This UK term may change before you get there to something more Canadian – OAS – Old Age Security / Outdoor Aesthetic Scene)
  • Turkey Trail – ER – Early Retirement from an unplanned bushwhacking section now part of the official trail only a true hasher will appreciate.
  • Regroup: RRSP or Refreshment Regroup Special Place

Most hashers *did* appreciate the bushwhacking although it is said that many harrierettes ended up with unwanted pricks in various body parts.

Sandy Beach is close to Roaring Nancy’s old house so he unsurprisingly had us run past it.

We also ran though 4 or 5 playground, where everyone played with themselves:

But some of the structures got the best of crossfitter Hot Quickie:

All in all, it was a successful trail.
Happy Birthday FUCK YOU, Roaring Nancy!

On On!

2276 – The B·E·S·T trail *ever*

(unbiased, fact-based scribblings)

Hares: PMS and Bah Bah Beer
Where: Edworthy Park South Parking Lot
RA: On In
Attendance: 22

The hares this week undeniably gave us the mother of all trail, the trail of the century, the greatest trail in history! Objectively. The hares included PMS and her delightful offspring Bah Bah Beer, who is undeniably the best, cutest, most special kid ever.

Trail consisted of a mix of trail running and pavement pounding to satisfy all types and it was neither too short nor to long. Some might say it was just right.

The shiggy was a delightful and surprising mix of slush puddles, snow, mud and ice to keep hashers on their toes – or not – as proved by Hot Cheeks:

A couple of hashers felt the need to complain about the danger and adversity they faced whilst on trail. They complained more than the co-hare, who is – in fact – a nine year old child.

Luckily, the pack was blessed with some of the best weather in recent hash memory so that was a bonus.

Today saw the return of newbie Brae (let’s hope we can make her cum again) and the visit of archives: “expats” Pull My Woodie and Sticky Lips, and busy bee Lof-T Prancer.

Skewbic Hair celebrated his 1050th run, while Hot Cheeks celebrated her 469th. Get a life, you two.

On On!

2275 – Where’d My Pussy Go?

(AKA: “AP Sets Trail”)

Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Lighthouse Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 27

AP ❤️ DP (Double Plotting)
This week, AP is double fisting and setting not one, but two trails, on both ends (of the week):
1) the regular Monday trail (front end of the week);
2) the Bad Thursday Full Moon Trail (back end).

AP has a thing for shiggy, and both trails start from or near Fish Creek. Alas tonight, AP had us circling the rim and we never got real deep into the Crick.

I wonder if some of the art on trail inspired the shape of her run?

She claims her small bladder is to blame for the length of the run (nearing 9k) as she had to pee and took the trail in the direction of the nearest public washroom.

We had a couple of noobs this week, John and Brae. They held their own and proved to be real keeners as both of them were FRB’ing at one point or another.

LiQUOR Lots celebrated her 150th and she received her long awaited sharpied red cap that no doubt got thrown in the garbage the second she got home.

On On