2295 – How Deep?

Hares: Ménage à Trois, with some minor help from Skewbic Hair
Where: The Royal Exchange, Calgary, AB
RA: On In?
Attendance: 25

The run:

The down downs:

On On!

Thanks to Mmmmmh Ladyfingers for the photos and helpful comments.

2294 – Tequila-mocking bird(s)

Hares: Hot Quicky, Slow Clap & Beer in the Rear
Where: Cold Garden, Calgary, AB
RA: Lying Sack of Shit
Attendance: 22

As everyone knows, July 24th is (US) National Tequila Day. It is unclear why we are celebrating this non-holiday (and a made-up American one at that) but here we are. Maybe it’s ironic, and the harriettes are just mocking it (Sorry. Had to try to explain the run’s title).

Tonight’s weather was reminiscent of hot Mexican summers. Hashers were reminded to hydrate, wear their best Mexican attire, and to be ready for shiggy on trail.

It is said that people got very wet on trail. Was it from the heat? The shiggy? The excitement? Probably all three.

The choir must have had too many tequila shots at the regroup: they decided they only knew ONE SONG, and proceeded to sing it for every single down down (aye-aye-aye-aye, si si senora). (Oh boy, that gets old fast!)

On On!

2293 – Dastardly does Max Bell

Hares: Dastardly & Roaring Nancy
Where: Max Bell Centre, Calgary, AB
RA: On-In
Attendance: 24

Mum’s the word on this run. I have to rely on Mmmmmh Ladyfingers photos and comments (and Karate Klit’s photos (minus the half a dozen tongue-sticking selfies)).

Looks like trail included:
– an Edmonton visitor (Eager Peevert)
– returning newbies
– a new boot (Trevor)
– a survivalist’s mobile home displaying some Hash appropriate words of wizz-dumb

On On!


Hares: Cam Shaft and Stool Stuffer
Where: The Rinaldi Estate, CNP, AB
Attendance: a bunch o’people

This year again, Boss Hog (Hot Cheeks Sr) allowed us rowdy group to squat at his property for a weekend of merriment (debauchery?) and hashing (athleticism?), in that order.

The hares and some devoted hashers went ahead and scouted trail. They made sure to test the quality of the beer in the area. It seems to have met expectations.

Some Edmontonians kindly joined our festivities, and happily took part in the shot ski, the “ice bucket challenge”, and the sleeve too. A “Cone of Shame” is featured in photos but it appears that our guests did not do anything shameful enough to warrant that kind of punishment.

The ice bucket (or whatever it is called) was a treat for the eyes (in some cases):

Only one individual did something so worthy of reprimand that they were awarded a down down with the Sleeve *and* the Cone of Shame.

Tighty Whitey?

Special mention to Hardly, who is clearly the *master* sleeve-drinker [insert cup-drop]

Trail must have been beautiful, judging by the photos.

Fun was had by all:

I take that back:

I doubt this little guy had fun.

And Skewb decided to bring sexy back:

On On!

2291 – (1st Monday of) Stampede run

Hares: Skewbic Hair
Where: South Glenmore Park, Calgary, AB
RA: Roaring Nancy (by the looks of it)
Attendance: 24

It was a chilly one this Monday night. The weather (and Roaring Nancy’s incessant talking) didn’t deter last week’s visitor Keep on Pumping who came back for seconds and even brought someone with him! It is said that “Not Ready” (left) is a hasher who lives in Calgary! Yet we’ve never managed to make him come. He was just Not Ready. Will he come again?

In a nutshell, here are some other things that happened tonight:

Hardly got lost? Or something to that effect. Anyway, we were reminded NOT to follow Hardly.

Hump The Shark got awarded “Best Dressed” (!)

Pull My Woody celebrated his 300th run.

On On!

2290 – Can Crusher’s Debutante Trail

Hares: Can Crusher (with probable help from mom AP)
Where: Can Crusher’s Crib, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 18

We had virgins,
And vi-si-tors
At our hash,
At our hash
Had to get them drunked up
Had to get them drunked up
Down the hatch
Down the hatch

This is what our hash mattress told me anyway, not being present myself. Liquor Lots: “We had 5 visitors/new boots today! 2 from Lagos, Nigeria, and their daughter and her spouse who live in Auburn Bay. And one from Barbados. They were all awesome.”

I’m going to take a wild guess as to who was who.

Poor visitor is getting his ear talked off by Roaring Nancy. We’ll never see him again! In the meantime, while back at the trampoline, the hare is bouncing her little bum off.
The hares

To finish off on a high, here’s a picture posted by Maple, dating back to the 20th century. Regrettably, the most interesting bits have been censored.

Dastardly, third from left and Maple (? really??) on the right.

On On!

2289 – Canada Day Run

Hares: “Special Guest Hares”
Where: Big Al’s Bar & Grill, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 18 (16 + two ½ pints)

Oh Can of Beer
I hold within my hand
Tall, slim and cold
Beloved throughout Hashland
With foaming heads
We see thee rise
Ales, Lagers, Draughts and Stouts
From locals to imported brews
We cannot do without
Hares keep our beers
Smooth, chilled and cheap
Oh can of Beer
We run the Hash for thee
Oh can of Beer
We run the Hash for thee!

On this Canada Day, Hardly came up with a wonderful idea. The “Special Guest hares” were none other than us! This was a pick-up hash were one volunteer live hares the beginning of trail. If (when) he/she gets “caught”, the catcher becomes the hare and so on.

Despite tropical temperatures, we managed to run close to 6k. Dastardly kindly brought jello shots and ice creams for the regroup, as well as his legendary Beergarita and warm mystery swill!

· Maple – for once – was able to stay for down downs and he got a down down for his 434th run (in lieu of all the milestone runs he didn’t stick around to get his down down for). It suggested (by me) that he get the 400th run award right after PMS (me) gets it, so that she (I) doesn’t have to store it in her (my) condo.
· Rashy Bush was noted for her excellent fashion sense in sporting a “French Run” shirt. It’s the little black dress of running shirts; it works for every occasion, if I say so moi-même.

On On!