Run 2345 – Another FKN Fish Creek Run – Really!

Hare: Mystery Hare (Tighty Whitey)

Location: Fish Creek Provincial Park, Hull’s Wood parking lot, Calgary, AB

End of Bow Bottom Trail SE

RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 25

Shameless promotion of FKN beer

The Beginning

A mystery hare agreed to set trail. The mystery was solved when Tighty Whitey revealed that he was, in fact, the hare. A special run to celebrate the surplus promotional FKN beer from the Golden Triangle cycling trip, recently completed.

Shiggy was promised, so the pack was forewarned to be ready of wet and muddy conditions.

The group assembled in the parking lot near the Hull’s Wood outdoor amphitheatre. TW had a bicycle which would appear to be what was used to set the trail!

A warm evening perfect for a Fish Creek run with a good sized group of 25 hashers.

PMS got the circle organized. Introduced the visitor from California (Shang Hiney), archives (Froggy) and other hash business.

The hare, Tighty Whitey, came into the circle to describe the scavenger hunt type of trail with beer rewards at a series of five crucial checks.

TW would follow on his bicycle because that is the way he planned it! The pack was released to find the trail markings.

The Trail

The views and terrain of Fish Creek Provincial Park did not disappoint. Marks were sufficient and spaced at a considerable distance. Off we went to find the first of the prizes, the beer hidden at the checks.

PMS was the first to find a hidden beer. Hardly was successful. PMS finds another! The lazy middle and back of the pack hashers did not have a chance with the fit fast hashers monopolizing the beer finding.

Apparently, TW had to foresight to collect these photos to show how hashers are easily lead astray by beer on trail.

Finally, all beers are found and it was time for the shoe wash.

Regroup and Down Downs

The outdoor amphitheater was where it all happened. Luxurious wooden benches and beer and snacks were a good lead up to the down down’s.

Hump the Shark appointed himself as Religious Advisor and selected a choir of On In and King Shit. There was much singing and rejoicing in the open air location. Chips and snacks added to the enjoyment.

There seemed to be endless down downs for a bunch of made up accusations and offences. PMS practices here own non verbal communication skills.

Eventually, we ran out of material and were declared to be “on the piss”.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

Trail Summary

Here are a couple of interpretations of the run. 7 ish km’s with shiggy.

Run 2344 – Sink, Swim or Swallow. The Seamen Run with a Nautical Theme

Hare: PMS and Strap On Crampon

Location: Dudley’s Lounge – Carriage House Hotel and Conference Centre

9030 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0P5

RA: Daisy Duke and Beer in the Rear
Attendance: 18

The Beginning

It was a confusing posting for the run. Nautical theme? What the heck is that. Not only nautical, but naughtycal! Wear something that is either naughty or nautical. Quite a range. Suggestions for swimming, fishing, floating garb, with a clarification that all would be explained …..later.

Of course, PMS and Strap On Crampon had the look dialed in, courtesy of their hash trip to New York in the recent past. An opportunity to show off their fancy nautical outfits…..

For the rest of us, swimming suit? Water wings? Other water themed clothing? So much stress to find the right outfit for the run. As it turns out, the hares had planned a torrential downpour to coincide with the run, raincoats were in fashion suddenly!

Dudley’s Lounge is associated with the Carriage House Hotel on Macleod Trail SW. They have more than one pub in the hotel, with the Peanuts Pub competing for interest. The pub was found and the group formed inside.

It was time to circle up outside and acquaint ourselves with the moisture preparing to fall from the sky.

PMS takes control and gets the hares in the circle to explain the marks. Huge blue chalk meant clear remarking of washed out chalk marks.

The Trail

The pack was released as the rain began to fall. Off we went in all directions until the true trail was found and followed. Apparently, there was a choice between Upper Deck and Lower Deck. An Eagle/Turkey split was available on trail. Into the streets and alleys of Acadia and Haysboro, the trail meandered as the rain increased in volume and strength.

The pack made choices on Upper Deck vs Lower Deck. Upper deck was configured for the more leisurely runners. A bit of a shorter cut to differentiate the route for the true runners on the trail. Scenic views of the C-Train infrastructure around Heritage Station were part of the trail experience.

The upper deckers stumbled across a pack of walkers, as we consolidated looking for the regroup.


The regroup was spotted in a parking lot close to the end of the trail. Dastardly has a fine selection of refreshments available. The group lingered in the rain until it was decided that down down’s would be “inside” at the pub. Hashers were pleased to drink in a warm place.

Off into the warmth of Dudley’s Lounge for the closing ceremonies.

Down Downs

Hump the Shark volunteered Daisy Duke and Beer in the Rear to tag team as Religious Advisors. They put together a fine program and delivered to the group. Choir of Snow Blower and Booty Camp. Hump the Shark stood in as Beer wench to prepare the beer for the down downs.

A series of crimes and punishments were acknowledged and down downs provided.

Eventually, we ran out of beer and material and were “on the piss”.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

Trail Summary

Trail was close to 6 km in length, Lower deck did more because they were extra keen.