Run 2351 – Half a Century – Celebration of Life. Hump Day Shark Day Birthday Run

Hares: Hump the Shark with assistance from TSOH

Location: Baker Park NW, Calgary, AB T3L 1S5

RA: Hardly
Attendance: 25

The Beginning

A busy hashing week with the Stampede Run and Float on the weekend, a Hump the Shark birthday BBQ on the same day. Now we have the real deal birthday with a run set my the birthday boy, Hump the shark.

With a start point in Baker Park, which is precariously close to the Bow River, and a hot day….Expect to get your feet wet.

Parking entrance was not easy to find, and apparently there was some confusion with which end of the parking lot to target. In spite of multiple postings and confirmations, there was some consternation with some hashers.

We grouped in the parking lot, eventually to venture over to the horse shoe flinging area to circle up.

Hashers showing up
LSOS ready to run

Circle up, and watch out for flying horse shoes. Hump the shark described the marks chosen as well as special stop. Beside the regular playgrounds an, viewpoints, there would be a “shot stop” at a special location!

Off the pack went madly in all directions. True trail was determined and the hash was afoot.

The Trail

Starting from Baker Park, a number of pathways and attractions abound. Watch out for the disc golfers as they will fling that thing at anything.

Hump the Shark provided us with a variety of pathway, gravel, shoe washing and feet cooling, plus the most uphill trail we have ever had!

Thankfully the primative trails, thick brush, uphill gave way to downhill with views. Playgrounds appeared providing a much needed swinging, sliding and teeter tottering relief.

The “shot stop” materialized with a selection of two beverages best served in small glasses. Thank you to the “friends” of Hump the Shark for hosting the stop.

After what seemed forever, the trail delivered us back to the start where we could get set up for the epic birthday down downs.

The Down Down’s

Hardly was the Religious Advisor. He selected a choir of hashers who mysteriously appeared after the pack had left. It is only fair to reward them for showing up… Strap On and Tighty Whitey, plus Dastardly to make it work.

Down Downs for the hares. Great trail with lots of elevation changes. Happy to see that we all did not get lost in the wilderness section.

Now, there were a series of down downs for various crimes and rewards.

Now, as this was a 50th birthday run for Hump the Shark, and it was the actual day of his birthday, why not feed him 50 down downs and see how that works out. Let’s place them around the horse shoe flinging area and see if that leads to anything good.

The set up:

Without going into too much detail, the primary complaint from the birthday boy was not the volume of beer, but the volume of “bubbles”.

After a fine display of small glass consumption, it was time to call in the “reserves” to participate in the celebration of the birthday with small glass down down consumption support.

Race to the down down station. The call was out to help with the final station and Strap On Cramp On was up for the challenge. She has been practicing and wished to show everyone how proficient she has come!

Hump the Shark was probably thinking that this was the best 50th birthday run he has ever been to. He also appreciates that all those bubbles can be a problem, which was solved.

On the Piss

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail Summary

We ran somewhere between 7 and 8 kms. Great trails we did not know existed in this area. Fine trail and a fun time.

Run 2350 – Stampede Run and Float

Hares: Hardly, Pyro, Snow Blower and Dastardly

Location: Song Sparrow Picnic Site, N Glenmore Park Rd, Calgary, AB T0L 1W0

RA:  Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 20

Preparing for the Stampede Run (and float)

The Beginning

The format for the annual Stampede Run was changed. We planned for a Saturday run with a food and beer fest to finish. Hardly and Twisty arranged for the venue, a picnic, aptly named Sparrow Song picnic site located in North Glenmore Park SW.

It was a hot day with lots of sunshine. Great weather for hashing.

Busy place and parking was a bit of a problem. The directions on the website directed us to a parking lot. From there, you were on your own to hear the Sparrow Song and find out where we needed to be.

We gathered for the circle and eventually got ready for the trail.

We new we were in for some excitement as we were forbidden to bring any phones of car keys. A harbinger for what was to come.

Hardly described the marks made in flour, toilet paper, and chalk. As there were four hares, and our proximity to the steep embankments and the Elbow river, we suspected that this would be an epic adventure.

Hardly marks the grass

With phones put away, not a lot of pictures for the circle and the trail. As such, you need to imaging On In getting the circle together. Introduction of the archives, announcements, and introductions. Now we were ready to run.

The Trail

We started the trail toward the Weaselhead wilderness area. However, a check at the top of the cliff meant that some had to go down the steep trails for be rewarded with check backs.

The forest was very dense and making progress to find marks was challenging. Fortunately, some of us know that there was only one bridge over the Elbow river.

Reacquainted with the group, we followed the pathways through the Weaselhead flats for a long time. Eventually, we were introduced to the river swim portion of the trail. As the snow melt has replenished the reservoir via the Elbow river, the river was deep. To deep to walk so swimming and floating was the only option.

Even Lofty Prancer was insufficiently tall to avoid floating.

After a very long time in the water, and realizing that swimming was not your olympic sport, we arrived at the regroup back the the Elbow river bridge. The refreshments were very tasty, and on ice from a cooler that was transported a long way from the cars for the regroup.

The Down Downs

Skewbic Hair was the religious advisor. A round of down down’s were delivered to the enthusiastic group. Lofty and Roaring Nancy were the choir. Not a lot of evidence of the closing ceremony, but those that were there enjoyed themselves.

All done, on the piss to transition to the food and beverage course.

A fine feast of yummy beef on a bun was enjoyed.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

Trail Summary

It appears that we covered close to 8 km, of which 1 km was the raging Elbow river. No one drowned, which a fortunate outcome.

Run 2349 – Daisy Duke and Dastardly Save The Hash!

Hares: Daisy Duke and Dastardly

Location: 2539 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7H5

RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 24

Ready for Take Off!

The Beginning

The summer is sometimes a difficult time to get volunteers to set trail. On In had reached out to the group for a hare in the previous week and though he had it sorted. Things changed, and we needed a hare on short notice. Thankfully, Daisy Duke offered to set trail from Richmond Green. Dastardly agreed to help, and we were sorted.

Have not run from Richmond Green SW in the past. Parking lot was busy as it hosts multiple sports from this location. Thankfully, we were able to get parked and work the circle to get this run started.

Sort of looks like a circle could happen here.
Roaring and Rashy

On In got the circle off and running. We had three visitors from California who we were happy to welcome.

The Trail

Once the first marks were discovered, the pack was off to explore the neighbourhoods around Richmond Green.

As the pack wandered around aimlessly, a wave of confusion arose. Part of the pack became renegades and broke off to make their own trail. Eventually, they realized that no marks have been found and rejoined the main pack.

Playgrounds were in abundance. Various playing techniques were employed to make the most of the equipment.

More streets, allies and parks were explored in between playground stops.

Eventually, we made it through the tight streets and alleys in the new neighbourhood where Currie Barracks used to be. Entertaining playground equipment.

After we were all played out, we found the regroup and a suitable location for the mosquitos and ants to share in our celebrations.

Regroup and Down Down’s

Outside down downs were in order. A circle in the park was formed and things started to take shape.

Hump the Shark seems to like this Religious Advisor thing as he once again volunteered himself. Choir was selected with Pull my Woody and Sticky Lips initially.

Eventually, we were all though the ceremonies and declared “on the piss”. Some headed out to the Richmond Pub for continued celebration.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

The Trail Summary

The trail ended up to be close to 7 km’s. Good neighbourhoods for hashing and a fine trail was set by Daisy Duke and Dastardly.

Run 2348 – Canada Day Run

Hares: Hardly and Can You Hear Me Now

Location: 7803 14 St NW #6955, Calgary, AB T3K 2P6

RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 18

Canada Day with a view!

The Beginning

The Canada Day Run is a Calgary hash tradition. Coincidentally, Canada Day falls on a Monday, a hashing day! Hardly and Twisty volunteered to look after the run and wind up with yummy food back at their place after the run. This was an afternoon run. In Calgary, that means that you can see the thunder storms closing in on you from a great distance. With a significant hail event the day before, we were paying attention to the colour of the sky.

The run start was at the Berkshire Gate parking lot for Nose Hill Park in the North West. This was an afternoon run, so we gathered together for a 2:00 pm start. The weather was great at the start of the run. The rain clouds were off in the distance, so not a problem yet!

On In got the circle together and we prepared for the Nose Hill run.

On In ran the circle. We have a milestone with Liquor Lots achieving 200 runs. Introduced our visitor from Wisconsin, USA, and got the hares in the circle to introduce the marks for today’s run.

Four flags indicated a “beer hunter” opportunity. Some beer had been placed in the forest for hashers to find! We were reminded that there is a lot of uphill in Nose Hill. Mountain climbing fans would not be disappointed.

With instructions complete, the hash was off.

The Trail

Nose Hill Park, to no one’s surprise, has hills. It also has wilderness areas. There was an abundance of grass, flowers, trails and views to be enjoyed.


After a thorough investigation of the available trails, the marks eventually lead us back to the start. In the parking lot, the regroup vehicle was complete with suitable refreshments and the dark clouds had left to rain somewhere else.

The hash completed the parking lot activities successfully, then on the food and down downs nearby.

Down Down’s and Festivities

No better way to celebrate Canada day then with a BBQ and beer. We filled up the back yard with happy hashers and enjoyed the chips and goodies prior to the down down’s.

Hump the Shark nominated himself for RA duties, and assigned Roaring Nancy and Rashy Bush as the choir!

Hump the Shark went through a comprehensive list of crimes, rewards, and offences.

And now, what we have all been waiting for, time to celebrate 200 runs for Liquor Lots. She has been in training for some time now, and was prepared to show us what she can do!

Not the fastest half yard consumption record, but a solid effort. A fine display of beer drinking competency.

With all the crimes and stories completed, it was declared to be “on the piss”, and let the BBQ begin!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

Trail Summary

A challenging trail run with sensational views and the bonus “beer hunter” experience. Something in the 4+ ish range, with the elevation changes to keep it real.