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Run 2321 – Tacky Formal New Years Day Run

Hares:  Dastardly and On-In

Location:  Weaselhead Bar & Grill, 4604 37 Street SW #30, Calgary, AB T3E 3C9


RA: Tightey Whitey

Attendance: 21

Welcome 2024!

The Beginning

As the Tacky Formal New Years Run is a long standing tradition for the Calgary Hash House Harriers, we were pleased to have Dastardly and On-In agree to set this trail. Come out in your finest tacky formal wear (or christmas present box outfit) to run in the new year.

As New Years Day follows New Years Eve, it was not unexpected to see some sluggish hashers turn up somewhat worse for wear and tear from the prior evening. Some elegant and tasteful attire was present for those that made the effort.

A bright sunny day for the run, however, the New Years Eve rainstorm had an impact on the marks that had been set. A bit of touch up was necessary, which provided On-In an opportunity to start into the multiple celebration beverages that would be the signature for this trail.

The parking lot of the Weaselhead Pub was suitably ice covered and glistening in the sun, a harbinger of the crappy footing we had in store.

A circle eventually formed and we were ready to kick this off!

The marks and final instructions provided by On-In prior to the pack being released. Special marks…24 means your are on. 23 (in a circle) is check back. Special marks to create a new level of confusion. Mostly Abu Dhabi, except where it is not.

The Run

From the parking lot, the pack was released. Being careful not to succumb to the slippery conditions, the pack found the marks (recently refreshed) to head them in the right direction. The walkers were given some notional instructions on where to find the next regroup, and they were off as well.

Apparently there was a third regroup on trail, which was found by some, but not by all. Some confusion on where it was, relative to where we were was unresolved. As such, there was an advance party of walkers that arrived that the 4th regroup at the KAYAK. Sadly, we did not have keys, so if was access denied until the rest of the pack showed up to let us in!

Final Regroup

Regroup with long shadows.

The Down-Downs

Tightey Whitey was the religious advisor for the down downs. He donated the roof of his car to used as a staging area for the refreshment required. Not exactly flat, but it did the job.

Ski box becomes art!

Tightey had taken notes and proceeded to deliver the ceremony. No choir, but the group was able to remember just enough songs to fill in the requirements.

As the down-downs progressed and the sun gave way to shadows, it was declared “on the piss”, to retire to the nicely heated Weaselhead Pub and Bar for further celebration.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

Somewhere between 4 and 8 km, depending on your route and check backs.