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Run 2347 – Teachers Revenge Stanley

Hares: Hot Cheeks, PMS, and Abandoned Pussy

Location: Fish Creek Park, Bebo Grove, 13610 24 St SW, Calgary, AB T2W 4V8


RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 20

Stanley, this is all for you!

The Beginning

Our teacher community in the hash group gets very excited at this time of year. Very soon, their days for shaping the minds of their young students are replaced with two months of partying. As such, it is a monumental event when the school years finishes for these folks.

A scheduling complication arose with the continuing saga of the chase for the hockey trophy, Lord Stanley’s Cup. For some unknown reason, the Edmonton squad had not yet been eliminated from the running. The Stanley Cup Final was scheduled, in conflict, with the Monday hash run. A potential problem for those that are hockey interested.

Thankfully, the hares campaigned for attendance, recognizing that hockey is important, but hashing is more important. Their promotion campaign was successful, as evidenced by this promotion to come out and hash. The language used demonstrated the need for better education.

Thankfully, the hash is a resilient bunch. Stoolie was able to cobble together something that looked like “the game”, available to the hashers. Even went as far as sourcing free power for his gadgets! The game started at 6:00 pm. Hash time is 7:00 ish. Games runs 2.5 hrs. As such, the hash can watch the start, disappear for an epic trail, and return to observe the outcome. Spoiler alert! It was not Edmonton’s night to repatriate Lord Stanley’s Cup back to Canada.

More importantly, there were 20 hashers that came out to play and the “teachers” had set a fantastic trail. Here is some evidence of the circle which started things going.

The Trail

It would appear that river crossings were in order. Three was the number. A fine spectacle of shoe washing and no one drowning. Not exactly sure of the sequence of events, but here are some action shots.

The trail, according to informed sources, was epic. The weather was good and the water was delicious. My shoes have never been cleaner, some say.

The Down Down’s

The hockey game thing created some problems for the closing ceremonies. Apparently, the favoured team was not doing as well as some would like. The one goal deficit as like a boat anchor on the enthusiasm of the group. Eventually, the Florida team won, and it was time to get the down down’s underway.

Hump the Shark did a great job of recruiting. He selected himself for the honours of conducting the down down’s. It was obvious that many crimes had been committed and must be rewarded with a down down.

The Choir, was Daisy Duke and Pyro . A tag team that provided a depth of hash wisdom, and enthusiasm to make this work.

The usual program was delivered. The hares were acknowledged for their shitty trail. Numerous offences were signaled out for reward. The Oilers sweater was a bad choice to wear with the unfortunate outcome.

As the group celebrated a trail well set and well run, it was only a matter of time until the down down’s were completed.

On the piss.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

The Trail Summary (plus bonus shots)

The run was approximately 6 km when all was said and done. Here are some summary shots of what you ran, or what your missed.

Unfortunately, your scribe had to be elsewhere for the actual run. Here are a couple of shots of the hardships the the scribe had to endure while “out of the province”.