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Run 2345 – Another FKN Fish Creek Run – Really!

Hare: Mystery Hare (Tighty Whitey)

Location: Fish Creek Provincial Park, Hull’s Wood parking lot, Calgary, AB

End of Bow Bottom Trail SE


RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 25

Shameless promotion of FKN beer

The Beginning

A mystery hare agreed to set trail. The mystery was solved when Tighty Whitey revealed that he was, in fact, the hare. A special run to celebrate the surplus promotional FKN beer from the Golden Triangle cycling trip, recently completed.

Shiggy was promised, so the pack was forewarned to be ready of wet and muddy conditions.

The group assembled in the parking lot near the Hull’s Wood outdoor amphitheatre. TW had a bicycle which would appear to be what was used to set the trail!

A warm evening perfect for a Fish Creek run with a good sized group of 25 hashers.

PMS got the circle organized. Introduced the visitor from California (Shang Hiney), archives (Froggy) and other hash business.

The hare, Tighty Whitey, came into the circle to describe the scavenger hunt type of trail with beer rewards at a series of five crucial checks.

TW would follow on his bicycle because that is the way he planned it! The pack was released to find the trail markings.

The Trail

The views and terrain of Fish Creek Provincial Park did not disappoint. Marks were sufficient and spaced at a considerable distance. Off we went to find the first of the prizes, the beer hidden at the checks.

PMS was the first to find a hidden beer. Hardly was successful. PMS finds another! The lazy middle and back of the pack hashers did not have a chance with the fit fast hashers monopolizing the beer finding.

Apparently, TW had to foresight to collect these photos to show how hashers are easily lead astray by beer on trail.

Finally, all beers are found and it was time for the shoe wash.

Regroup and Down Downs

The outdoor amphitheater was where it all happened. Luxurious wooden benches and beer and snacks were a good lead up to the down down’s.

Hump the Shark appointed himself as Religious Advisor and selected a choir of On In and King Shit. There was much singing and rejoicing in the open air location. Chips and snacks added to the enjoyment.

There seemed to be endless down downs for a bunch of made up accusations and offences. PMS practices here own non verbal communication skills.

Eventually, we ran out of material and were declared to be “on the piss”.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

Trail Summary

Here are a couple of interpretations of the run. 7 ish km’s with shiggy.

Run 2335 – Fools on the Hill

Hares:  Abandoned Pussy and Hot Cheeks
Location:  Hulls Wood, Fish Creek Park SE Calgary

Last parking lot before Sikomie Lake at the end of Bow Bottom Trail SE

On-In: Lighthouse Pub, 1140 137 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2J 6T6


RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 32

April Fools on the Hill

The Beginning

We should have appreciated that this run was set for April 1, 2024. In some circles, this is know as April Fools day. Who would have expected the entire group to become the April fools on the hill, as the hares had set up a cunning trap which most of us were sucked into.

The weather was delightful. What was ice and snow the day before had now turned to sloppy, wet and muddy. Fish Creek has many pathways to get lost in. We gathered in the Hulls Woods parking lot at the East end of Fish Creek. A good turnout with over 30 hashers. The sun was out and the temperature was mild. What could possibly go wrong.

A circle starts to take shape!

On-In managed to start off the circle. We had a new boot, Matt, some archives and a couple of milestone runs. Good to see the keen interest in the group! Marks were described by the hares, and the pack was released into the muddy trails!

Hashers dispersed to find anything that looked like a mark, indicating the true trail. A majority of us were sucked into long stretches of trail that apparently had marks. This was the initial confusion plan of the hares!

The Trail

Slush, mud and some pavement were traversed in search of true trail. Eventually, the group found something and were off. All was well until confusion set in.

Apparently the pack did not make good choices at the pedestrian bridge. Wandering around in a big circle added extra distance to the trail. The look of confusion on the distressed hashers is apparent.

The bridge was a crucial element in the trail. The hares had devised a plan to dupe the pack. A cunning plan was set to trick the hashers into crossing the river.

And yes, once the majority of the pack was over the river and up to the top of the hill, an enormous “check back” was waiting for us. Making the most of the unfortunate situation, a couple of viewpoint pictures were taken.

Now, all that was left was to blaze a trail back to the beginning to find the regroup. Easier said than done for some. Here are some happy shots from the walkers group.

No hash run is complete without a certain element of drama. With the best intentions, some members of the group found themselves on a “bad” shortcut. The ice bridge traverse was dodgy, but nobody died. Safety is always a consideration on the hash run.

The Regroup

Eventually, we made it back to the parking lot. Outside down-downs were in order, and the group prepared with beer and snacks.

The Down-Downs

Hump the Shark was self appointed as the Religious Advisor for the evening. The refreshments were prepared by Liquor Lots and the ceremony started.

A choir of Lying Sack of Shit and Insane Bolt were selected. Together, they knew about three songs, but that was not a problem. Several down downs were handed out for various reasons. The hares, new boot Matt, returning archives, and two run awards were delivered.

A fine time was had by one and all. The group retired to the Lighthouse Pub for further discussion of world events and commiserate on how they all felt quite foolish.

On the Piss!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

Something like this in the 5 ish km range. This is a bad illustration with the ice-bridge shortcut at the end.

Here is a different version closer to 6 km.