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2308 – A Princess and a Strap-On

Hares: PMS and Strap-On Crampon
Where: Governors’ Pub

675 Acadia Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0B8


RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 33

The Starting Circle

The Story

A fine trail was set by PMS and Strap-On Crampon. Weather was good as we have yet to see snow this fall. Darkness, however, is a thing as the set now sets before the run start. This will only get worse as we drift toward winter.

A good turn out of 33 people. The circle was conducted by On-In who got things rolling. Visitor Rumple Dickskin from Edmonton was welcome.

The radiant and talented tag seem of PMS and Strap-On has big plans for the hash. As evidenced by the size of their chalk, this was going to be a serious run.

Special features of the run included a “Pit Stop”, which mean extra beverages before the regroup! How much fun is that?

The Trail

The marks took us through the neighbourhoods of Willow Park and Maple Ridge. The effort that was put into challenging false trails did not disappoint the front runners. Much confusion was delivered as the marks delivered to streets, parks and back alleys. There was some evidence of the upcoming Halloween celebration, including this guy who was hung up in a tree.

Pit Stop

Friends of Strap On were volunteered to host the group for a Pit Stop. After beer was consumed, we honoured them with a song.

The Pit Stop was followed by a regroup prior to settling down into the pub for the on-in!


RA Coordinator nominated himself for the Religious Advisors duty. A choir was formed and the ceremony began.

Many offences were called out and rewarded with a down-down. Some of the action is shown here.

Of note, it was a milestone run tonight. PMS has achieved 400 runs and was duly rewarded with a suitable trophy. I sure she will find a suitable location to display this fine piece of art.

On the piss….

Skewbic Hair – Scribe

Run Information

Around 7 km .