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Run 2343 – Birthday Special – Breaking in the New Digit

Hare: Camshaft and Mmmmm Lady Fingers

Location: 4616 Vegas Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0M9


RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 34

The Beginning

This run has been in the planning stages for years. The important consideration was a birthday marking the beginning of a new decade of an important hasher. Mmmm Lady Fingers has crossed of the chasm of aging, leaving the serenity of the 50’s for the turbulence of the 60’s. She has embraced this challenge with multiple birthday celebration events, culminating with Run 2343, the birthday run.

The run was set from their Varsity mansion, enabling the hash to check our the various pathways and parks in the neighbourhood. An epic trail was planned and executed, drawing a large crowd of 34 hashers, including archives and new boots! Word was out that this was an event not to be missed.

The group circled up in the laneway to receive the instructions to follow to complete the trail.

Introductions, announcements, run marks description now done, the pack was released.

The Trail

The pack was released to find the marks. The trail took them through the pathways and alleys within earshot of Crowchild Trail. A clever false trail using the pedestrian bridges by the light rail transit station created confusion for most of the pack. Parks and frolic galore. Eventually, the trail was solved the the smarter hashers and all was good.

On on!

Playtime was appropriately observed in all parks that were on trail. Scaring some small children in the process!

PMS working on her portfolio

The Regroup

In the absence of any evidence of a regroup, I will insert a proxy photo from a past run.

And then, legitimate regroup pictures appears from the interweb! A large turn out deserves a big picture!

Good size group poses for a regroup shot!

The Down Downs

Hump the Shark was RA and singled out Lofty Prancer and Hardly as choir.

It’s that look…..

Through the line up, apparently the hare was down downed for setting a shitty trail and extending a birthday to a birth week celebration!

New boot and Can You Hear Me Now (CYHMN) for 300 runs.

We have archives in abundance. A good turn out from the old gang. Birthdays do that for some people…..

Beaver Flats, Hot on Trail, Bum Titty, Night Stalker and Can You Hear Me Now (CYHMN)

Apparently Strap On wore new shoes and was able to savour the new shoe taste!

Stork like stretching from Daisy Duke and CYHMN. This is what scares people away from the group.

A naming happened. Just Amy finally did something that warrants a name. The story goes that Just Amy was wearing an “M” word shirt, celebrating the Bacchus Marathon. Bacchus is a wine company.

The literati in the hash came up the “Bacchanal”, a follower of Bacchus. The dictionary supports this with the definition: “an occasion of wild and drunken revelry“.

And there is more….

The nocturnal version of the Bacchanalia involved wine-drinking to excess, drunkenness and the free mingling of the sexes and classes; the rites also involved loud music.

Bacchanal will carry this name forward in the hash universe with pride.

There were other offences too numerous to catalogue. Here is a collage of some of the outcomes.

Eventually, the formal closing ceremonies were done and it was “on the piss”. Let the after party begin….

Apparently the birthday buzz was still strong and the monumental naming kept an amount of momentum for the group. Not sure of the details, but ask those involved if the party ever really ended….

Scribed in absentia by Skewbic Hair, with copious material from Mmmmm Lady Fingers, PMS, Liquor Lots, Hump the Shark and King Shit.

The Trail Summary

A fine trail of 6’ish km’s. Great trails through the neighbourhood with fantastic views.

Run 2341 – Pyro Shows Us the Twins

Hare: Pyro

Location: Crowchild Twin Arena NW, 185 Scenic Acres Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3L 1L4


RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 23

Snow Melting in May – Canada Olympic Park

The Beginning

Pyro volunteered to set trail from the Crowchild Twin Area parking lot in the NW, in the community of Scenic Acres. This part of town has some epic view, pathways that run both downhill and uphill, and well as significant changes in elevation. The ravines are quite spectacular as we have explored them on previous occasions.

The group gathered in the parking lot, and secured appropriate parking spots for the outdoor down-downs that were to follow.

Eventually, something resembling a circle formed as we prepared for the start of the Pyro run.

PMS lead the circle and went through the formalities. Pyro described the run he had set for the group.

The Trail

Pyro pointed us in the direction that lead to the first marks. The pack scattered and started to call out the trail markings. Unfortunately, the trail was configured to start with a huge downhill which had to be repaid later in the trail after exhaustion set in.

Through the neighbourhoods we romped until we discovered more hidden pathways and wide open terrain, with views.

The downhill now changed to uphill and we ambitiously challenged the terrain to finish off the trail. Eventually, the regroup was found and there was much rejoicing.


The support vehicle was full of delicious beverages. A fine finish for a great run.

Down Downs

Outdoor down downs were in order. Those that were prepared with chairs formed a circle. Hump the Shark nominated himself as the Religious Advisor. A choir was selected and the ceremonies were performed.

Hump the Shark called out a number for hashers for various offences and charges. The choir did a fine job of knowing just enough songs to keep it rolling, All was good!

With all the offences dealt with, Hump the Shark declared the group to be “On the piss”.

The group retired to Nottingham’s Pub for further refreshment, popcorn and debrief.

These scribblings scribed by Skewbic Hair

Trail Summary

Depending on your success with check backs, the trail was in the 5 km range. A perfect distance for a hash run.

Note: This map had a section of driving from the end of the run to the pub. You numbers will be different

Run 2324 – Pyro Saves the Hash – Tu Tu Run

Hares:  Pyro

Location:  Silver Point Pub & Eatery

5720 Silver Springs Blvd NW #8, Calgary, AB T3B 4N7


RA: Daisy Duke and Lazy Cummer

Attendance: 19

Rocking the Tu Tu on January 22

The Beginning

Thankfully, Pyro has recovered sufficiently from some health issues to enable him to continue down the road to recovery to setting the hash trail. We are thankful that Pyro, once again, for saving the Hash from obliteration by stepping up and volunteering to set trail. A good role model for those with an interest in setting trail.

And what it trail it was! Tu Tu’s were present in abundance to acknowledge that this run was happing on a 22 day of the month. Take notice that another Tu Tu run appears in April 2024. Get your Tu Tu’s in order!

The group assembled in the Silver Point Pub & Eatery in Sliver Springs NW. Warm inside and not too busy. A fine location to host the Hash!

The circle was called and hashers assembled outside . On-In lead the circle and went through the formalities of getting things ready. Hash enthusiasm was high anticipating another epic Pyro run.

Pyro was called into the circle to explain the marks. Fairly standard markings with “H” being “on trail”, circle is a “check”, X in a circle is a check “back”.

The Trail

With the pack released, off we go through the wilds of Silver Springs NW. A neighbourhood with many views, vista’s and ravines. Surprisingly, there is also some elevation change as we headed north. Nose Hill comes to mind. Nevertheless, full use of markings on the lamp posts and sidewalks as we continued on our road to discovery of the true trail.

Through the neighbourhood, some features were observed. Apparently it is common the convert your front yard into an ice sheet. I suppose your could make your own ice cubes if your refrigerator can’t do that job. Views of the Ski Hill were extraordinary. With the right gear, you could venture down the hill, across the river, and go for a ski!

The terrain offered a variety of both downhill and uphill. It seemed that the uphill sections were long and hard. As the hare had chosen a counter clockwise direction, the uphill near the end encouraged us to find the regroup.


Like a beacon of light, the parking lot with the regroup vehicle were eventually found. The beverages were offered at the perfect consumption temperature. No beer slushy was observed. Much mirth and merriment ensued until it was time to head back to the bar for the next facet of our adventure.

Off to the pub for the down-downs…

The Finish

The hashers were happy to come in from the cold and enjoy the hospitality that the Silver Point had for the group. We added to their number of happy patrons that evening. People figured out where to sit, what to eat and what to drink.

There was evidence of exemplary beer pouring with just the right amount of head.

Down Downs

Apparently Daisy Duke, with help from Lazy Cummer, were appointed to run the down down’s. They spent a considerable amount of time making up stories, lies, and other citations for those they hand singled out in the group for special treatment. First order of business was to select the choir!

Much celebratory enjoyment was delivered to individuals selected to receive rewards, as evidence by these pictures!

A fine run with a fine finish. We almost forgot to give the hare a down down, but that problem was resolved.

On the piss!

Scribe by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

Close to 5 km, including uphill and the views.

Run 2322 – Spank the Monkey, Princess

Hares:  PMS (Princess Monkey Spanker)

Location:  The Mash – 17 Ave and 5th ST SW, 1535 5 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1P2


RA: Snevil

Attendance: 17

View Point – Included with Run

The Beginning

Prior to the arrival of the great deep freeze, PMS decided this would be a good time to set trail. Being a beltline resident, she decided to start the trail in one of the trendy new pubs that proliferate this part of town. The Mash (on 17th) were happy to have a crowd to fill up the venue on a quite Monday evening.

With a cool urban location, the associated parking challenge became apparent as the hashers began arriving in earnest. Parking many blocks away enabled some to count steps in addition to the run. The early arrivers engaged the staff in chit chat, in an effort to enlighten them what would transpire after the run was over, and we return to eat and drink!

The remote circle was across the street in an adjacent parking lot. Fine place for the group to congregate in anticipation of what the hare had in store for us.

Everyone seems so happy to be here, with tempered appreciation of the tremendous trail that PMS had planned for us. This start location is at the “bottom” of Mount Royal, and it was slippery but not absolutely freezing cold!

On-In ran the circle. The Hare (PMS), went in to great detail explaining the marks. In her rush to get us going, she neglected to mention the copious amount of orange flagging that were instrumental to following the trail.

The Trail

With the pack released, they wandered off in search of marks. Some marks were found and the trail covered streets, pathways and hills. Slipperiness was abundant, and some hashers (Slow Clap) went down on trail, leaving a lasting impression.

The orange flagging was instrumental navigating the pathway maze by the Glencoe Club. Some hashers got lost, while others just gave up and returned to the start.

There were parks and stairways involved, and many lovely streets as we explored the Mount Royal neighbourhood.

Eventually, a regroup was found, and all were happy. The beer was at a slushy temperature, making it more challenging to consume.

Down Downs

Snevil was appointed RA and proceeded to deliver a fine program.

Happy hashers ready to pack it in for another week. Of note was a special verse of El Camino that was created just for PMS given her offer to host the regroup….in the front. More to follow !

Following is the original verse of El! Camino for PMS:

She took us to the back, the she took us to the front. She had us in her rear , then she had us in her…..El! Camino El! El! Camino”

Original material from : The Duke of Daisy, the Shark of Hump, the Shit of King …. with assistance for the Hair of Skewbic

On the piss.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair


Something like 6 ish km’s

RUN 2320 – Boxing Day Boxer Shorts Run

Hares:  Hardly and Twisted Sister

Location:  Chez Hardly and Twisty, Beddington, NW Calgary

RA: Stool Stuffer

Attendance: 19

Boxing Day Run!

The Beginning

With the calendar enabling to have hash after hash after hash, it was now time for the traditional Boxing Day – Boxer Shorts run. Hardly and Twisty volunteered to set trail and host the crew of runners and walkers who had not yet succumbed to the over abundance of Christmas cheer, given that Monday was Christmas Day…. and there was a run to be had!

The weather cooperated and it was a warm, sunny day well suited for an afternoon run through the wilds of Beddington. Temperatures in excess of 10 C were observed on the drive up to the run. Global warming is adorning the hard packed ice and snow with a delightful layer of meltwater, just perfect for loss of traction.

The group parked on the street and assembled on a sunny driveway across the street. Dirty Dancer and Mouthful are used to their sunny driveway being overrun by hashers, so did not call the police to remove the unruly gang of anxious and loud hashers.

Boxer shorts fashion show.

Circle up was called, and On-In lead the group through the opening ceremonies. Hardly described the marks for the run, confirmed that the run conformed to the Abu Dhabi convention, and to disregard any ancient marks from previous trails set in the neighbourhood. B was the letter of interest for those following true trail.

The Run

The pack was released to find the true trail. Of course the first long downhill segment lead to a check back. After much milling around and discovering other false trails, evidence to the true trail emerged.

There were playgrounds to be enjoyed. Hardly had selected a portion of the neighbourhood that was rich with PG’s. Unruly hashers took to swinging, teetering, and shopping cart thrills. I do not suspect we will be welcome back.

Finally, after an exhausting trail, the end was near. BN spotted on the post meant that beverages would soon be available to quench our overpowering thirst. A crowd gathered on the sidewalk in anticipation of refreshments to follow.

Regroup and Down Down’s

In spite of global warming, the regroup was held indoors so we can bask in the shadow of and warmth of our carbon footprint.

As we enjoyed our beverages, the call was made to a spontaneous RA to do the closing ceremonies. Stool Stuffer did not decline quick enough and was elected to conduct the down downs.

The group packed into the section of the house that was beer spill resistant, and Stoolie launched into his program. Choir…. whoever could remember a song. Content? Clever hand off to the down-down recipient to select the next victim. A fine display of mirth and merriment, in keeping with the drinking season we are in the middle of. Down down to the hares and hosts, down downs for the check back champions, Christmas sock wearers and best boxers. Blue Balls has chosen to be the fastest runner in the hash! Another down down. It keeps on going until On-In declares “on the piss”.

Serious group worried about being singled out for crimes and offences

And the winner is! Best shopping cart adventure ride of the trail.

Best shopping cart ride ever!

The Trail

Something close to 5 km in the warm sunny weather!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

Run 2317 – Never Two Cold for Two House

Hares: Daisy Duke

Location: Two House Brewing Company SW

1901 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K3


RA: Hump the Shark

Attendance: 23

Follow These Marks

The Beginning

The run was set to begin from Two House Brewing Company, in the shadow of the elevated C-Train tracks west of 14 th street.

Temperature was a bit below zero and there was some ice on the pathways. A lots of discussions about cramp-on on not for safety.

The pack assembled outside in the back parking lot of the pub. A reasonable turn out of 23 hashers.

Circle Up!

On -In started the circle, with introductions and announcements. Apparently we need hares to set trail! Sign up and feel good! The Hare was Daisy Duke. Without flagging, he described the trail marks. Apparently, with the back check in play, this trail did not follow the Abu Dhabi convention.

The Run

The trail encompassed the communities of Sunalta, Scarboro and the Bow River pathway. The trail was challenging and amusing, with plenty of check backs to keep the front runners ranging along. The viewpoint under the Crowchild trail bridge was entertaining for those that got sucked in. The extra distance runners were not disappointed.

The Regroup

After much dark pathway by the Bow River, we eventually made our way back to the regroup located under the C-Train and Crowchild Trail bridges. A fine assortment of delicious beverages was on offer. Not sure where the walkers ended up, but the runners enjoyed the available refreshments.

The Down Down’s

The group made its way back to Two House Brewing Company to enjoy the beer and pizza available.

Hump the Shark appointed himself as RA and got the group organized for down downs. A choir was named with Pyro, On-In and Dastardly up for the task.

An abundance of crimes were committed on trail that were rewarded with a down-down.

Daisy Duke set a great trail and was serenaded with his favourite “Shitty Trail” song. Hot Cheeks was the winner of the hash, being a FRB who finished first. There was some suggestion that here trail was somewhat shorter than the true trail.

Apparently Snevil surprised Insane Bolt on trail for some reason. Other crimes of sexual nature were also noted. Lazy Cummer was cited for setting a new fashion trend at the hash. His hob nail boots are apparently the next thing in stylish running footwear.

The sitting hash was honoured with a seated song. A fine display of RA prowess.

Another fine hash comes to an end. On your own to enjoy yourselves. On the piss.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

Trail – 5 km ish

RUN 2316 – Best Ever December 4 Run this year!

Hares: Mmmmm Lady Fingers and Camshaft

Location: Banquet (University District) NW

3953 University Ave NW #220, Calgary, AB T3B 6K3


RA: Hump the Shark

Attendance: 29

University District – Many Lights!

The Beginning

The weather was good and not a snowflake to be seen. Mmmm Lady Fingers and Camshaft selected a cool new venue in the University District for the run start location. Very civilized with free heated underground parking which will be even more appreciated when the weather turns cold.

The group aggregated in the bar and waited for the signal to head outside for the circle up.

The turn out of 29 people was a good number. The warmish weather was appreciated.

PMS ran the circle and went through the introductions, welcomed the archives back to the group, and told us of the milestone runs. She reminded us that we are Number 1!

PMS gives a signal

The hares, Mmmm Lady Fingers and Camshaft were introduced and took us through the marks for the trail. The flagging was lime green and was conspicuously placed where it was difficult to find. The start of the run was through the parkade on a quest to find the one exit door that marked our trail.

The Trail

We started off down the stairs to the parkade. Well lit parking lot. Much running around looking for marks until ultimately we found the exit door selected for the trail and started running around looking for marks and/or flagging.

There was lots of challenging terrain as we wandered though the neighbourhoods of Montgomery and Varsity. The hares had planned the trail with an abundance of great views, complimented by more than enough uphill trail. After 6+ km, we were rewarded with a regroup.


As we came back to the University District, we were pleased to see the BN and BVN symbols leading to the RG. The Dastardly mobile was loaded with suitable beverages to be enjoyed by the group.


The run now over, we assembled in the separated area that had been set aside for us at the pub. Good venue for a group like ours. Minors were kicked out at 9:00 pm so we timed the celebrations to begin at the right time.

Multiple tables meant pick the people you wish to talk with. Not good for mingling, but good for us!

The beer wenches procured an 88 US oz dispenser for beer. Have not seen one of these beer dispensers. Before and after pictures indicate a fine effort from the beer wench.

Hump the Shark appointed himself as Religious Advisor (RA). He selected a choir of Hardly and Twisty and the ceremonies were launched!

The hares were honoured for setting a shitty trail to be enjoyed by all.

Various crimes, misdemeanors, acquisitions, stories and award were delivered. Archives, milestone runs, sexual offences and other down down offences were celebrated.

On the piss!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail – 6+ km

2307 – Thanksgiving Feast Run

Hares: Hardly and Twisty
Where: Hardly and Twisty’s Place

104 Bermuda Way NW, Calgary, AB


RA: Dastardly
Attendance: 16

What you missed…..

The Story

For all those Hashers that chose to travel to warmer climes on the Thanksgiving Day weekend, we can report you missed the warmest weekend on record. The +26 C temperatures, brilliant sunshine, and perfect running conditions means you missed the best Thanksgiving Run and Feast ever. The select group that chose to come and play were not disappointed.

The group arrived to settle into pre run refreshments in the garden area of the run start location. We had visitors from Mexico, long lost hashers, and new people to compliment the regulars!

Hashers gathered on the driveway of Dirty Dancer, who conveniently lives across the street from Hardly/Twisty, and offered his pavement as a starting point for the trail.

Happy hasher who have no clue what is in store for them.

In the absence of any current hashmasters, Liquor Lots took charge and conducted the circle. As the Past Master, her organizational skills were still sharp!

Liquor Lots in Action!

A difficult task as it was almost too nice to run. However, out of respect for the hares who had invested countless hours setting a challenging trail for both the runners and the walkers, the group was “off”

The Trail

The trail was marked primarily in “T”, symbolizing the turkey we were all there to enjoy. The oppressively warm weather meant light clothing with not a down vest in sight on any of the runners. The blinding sun was reminiscent of crossing a vast desert. Endless blocks of marks, leaves, pathways and and overabundance of Halloween decorations adorning the lawns of Beddington and Sandstone communities.


Eventually, after al the false trails were explored and no more “T”‘s were to be found, the pack was rewarded with the regroup. A find selection of cool libations and fellowship was enjoyed by all.

Down Downs and Feasting

After a satisfying regroup, the pack reassembled in the garden backyard of the Hardly/Twisty mansion to conduct the closing ceremonies.

The usual list of offences and charges were delivered to the unsuspecting group. Karate Clit and Hash Test Dummy were selected for choir duties and did a fine job. Here is an taste of what transpired.

Of note, was a hashers birthday…. On the day! Liquor Lots is now one year older and her significant day was celebrated by the group! Like fine wine, things get better with age.

I believe she is revealing that she is 24….


What happens at the feast, stays at the feast. Epic amount of turkey, dressing, vegetables, desert, wine and merriment were had by all. Those that were there know how good it was!

Best Thanksgiving Feast Run ever!

On On Scoobie

Run Route (for those interested)